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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Walk home

A few days ago I was asked to take some pictures of a garbage container that moved out and crashed into a car, I thought I would put them here. It was a rather windy night, but I didn't get all the details yet. Only to email out the pics, wish I had posted them here Wednesday, the event was that day.

Another day of figuring how how to install WikiMedia and Bugzilla then move the old data back in. Boring stuff I guess. I end up at the Hacienda after work, my carpool, turns out JJ went home first, was going back to meet me there, but never mind I will walk home, I thought I was on the way. So I take a walk through our safe but also very small El Segundo.

This morning I get an answer to the messages I sent Firday so my answer: "IM is hopeless with you, not fast. I had a very interesting walk home. I peeked into SpaceX, they had a very large open door. Lots of cool very big toys in there, wish I had taken the picture, would lead my blog with it. I then was on Franklin and kept walking West through a very lonely but also interesting industrial looking area. You get much more detail when you walk. I think it took me 25 min., but no hurry."

I spent my morning so far reading up on FedEx, and preparing shipments. So far I had only used UPS and USPS to get stuff there, Amazon suggested I use FedEx and encouraged me with 16% off, but I wonder if they are 20% more expensive to start with? I really don't know, must compare some in the future. I got a package with lots of barcodes so I don't have to print, but still need a new printer anyhow, waiting for a donation, not that this is an item that lasts, but I have someone who is actually trying to give me one, I so far declined. I have however sold the HP DJ 612c, for $20 on Craiglist, yea you shouldn't sell there, but they guy called from Texas and is paying for FedEx ground on his end, the money was paypaled, I feel like I can do this.

On Amazon I am a 5 star seller so far with 3 recommendations all 5 star that is 5/5 stars, I might have a future in ecommerce if this sysadmin stuff doesn't work out for me, but the pay isn't as good, volume creates far more work. I would have to hire people and that makes stuff complicated. I am sure I can be a manager, but would I want too?

I have lots more items to list, but now I am getting into stuff that isn't electronic and I don't know as much about. No matter, not fragile and easier to pack I guess. This was bought in China, probably fake.

I get an interesting email from a farmacy owner in Samana, Dominican Rep. For those who don't read Spanish, it is about putting up a server and WiFi in his town to do computer orders. Wow that is pretty advanced for this place.:
Estoy de vaca y me he encotrado con una idea muy parecida a la que tenia en mente. Quiero un sistema de Internet inalambrio wi-fi de unos 500 metros a la redonda donde todos se puedan conectar a una pagina web mia donde le pida x cantidad de dinero por minuto y los trasnfirera a la farmacia directamente para otorgarles el acceso con pasword o que pagen con paypal directamente desde la pagina web. Ok requerimientos:

  1. antena transmisora de 500mts a la redonda (si existe, pero cual es la mas barata y si por amazon se puede comprar)
  2. pagina web (tengo un primo que me la puede diseñar pero no puede hacerlo dentro de un router y mucho menos que trabaje con paypal, si puedes hacermela cuanto me cobrarias , considerandome??)
  3. router de mucha potencia y que se pueda trabajar dentro de el para poder hacerle la pagina web (se que existe pero eso es una larga historia y no se si tienes tiempo) (cual es el router?)
  4. Internet de alta velocidad y ancho de banda (eso no es un problema ya lo tengo averiguado y en experimentacio podriamos utilizar en principio mi dsl )
se que existe un sistema que te vende todo esto pero no con una pagina elazada a un sistema de pago por tarjeta de credito no, esto es sumamente caro y es solo para personas que se dirijan directamente al establecimiento y ahí se le da la clave. Esto es una limitante doble por el traslado y por el precio 1,000 dolares mas envio e impuestos.

Que me dices se que puedes dar un poco de luz en esta idea. Donde vi este sistema lo hicieron, que crees??

I wonder if some of the PayPal payers are actually in NY, so the story I guess goes, they are taking care of sick parents and sending money to the DR to do so, this cuts a step out.

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