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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

bitcoin counter

PS The post below is a bit dated now that InstaWallet folded. I was acutally able to move the .002 to another wallet after it folded through the recover process, it took 3 months, however the .2 cents are still there, not that I can do much with them.

OUTDATED POST: If you haven't used BitCoin before try this, it is free. It has occurred to me that I can test how many people who read my blog might actually try this bitcon transaction without it costing them anything or me.  Mind you I won't make anything either as I don't plan the spend the bitcoin that I get ever, I wil donate it to some worthy cause, maybe let the comments to this post inspire me what that might be.

So here is what you do if you haven't ever transacted in BitCoin, this is a fun experiment:

goto and send Balance: 0.001 BTC to
1LqRz7ZPvwbKt7RFj1jdwE87oSUpg7VgnF or even better create your own account at this will be your first BTC transaction, so you see how not scarry it is :) If you choose to create your own account, you can further play with it by sending the .001 to 1LqRz7ZPvwbKt7RFj1jdwE87oSUpg7VgnF so that I can keep a tally of how many people tried this procedure.  I will publish the results at my blog: and don't forget to give suggestions on where to donate the proceeds too in the comment section below.

So if you want to see how many have done this, check out the block explorer at: If you don't know what a BitCoin is worth, it changes all the time, there are charts available with past and present exchange rates to many currencies or this one is to the US$ at MtGox.