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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


March 10 CeBIT Hanover 
April 7-11 Hannover Messe Hanover
May8 LInuxTag Berlin
May 24 Bremen

Almost bricked Samsung Galaxy SII TMO

I had been running CyanogenMOD 10.2, Android 4.3.1, and was encouraged to go to 4.4 KitCat so I tried installing an unstable nightly for my phone. I have so much to learn about Android, but it now works great on a nightly build.

Sleepless in Berlin

I found a lovely AirBnB very close to and will actually get time off from work, although I don't know how I will fill the financial hit :(  I sat in on some Droid talks
Lots of configuration management talks, I had no idea there were 3 more that i hadn't heard about.
I know I need one, but which to choose isn't easy, so since they don't really seem to care at work we use bash and not really doing the right thing yet.