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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo 3 day, Library WiFi

So it seems like today is the long awaited day that Halo 3 is released, not that I was waiting for it, thank goodness, but this video is really funny.

I went to the library this morning and overheard that now there is free WiFi there, about time. This is great!

Flat day in the stock market, darn I got tripped out of my GOL with the stop loss I had yesterday, wouldn't you know it, stock goes up 6% today. AAPL is also finally doing gret for me, those extra shares are now working for me.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

NYTimes free, couchsurfing, CentOS

This morning, I get a Skype from LJ telling me that the market is good for a change to balance out the Skypes that I had done to him back when the market was down. So he mentions that the NYtimes is now free, I go on the site and find out about CouchSurfing, a pretty neat site about how to get around the world by exchanging your couch for someone else's, but it goes way beyond just housing.

CentOS keeps driving me nuts, things that are easy on Ubuntu aren't there. I am sure it is my inexperience with it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bus from London To Sidney

I am blogging this because it is a goofy idea, but you can take a bus ride from London to Sydney, yea, that is a 3 month bus trip, it isn't cheap either, much cheaper and faster to fly, but what a trip that would be, 22 countries.

Two days of an up stock market after the rate cut, great, I was starting to get used to the down down down we had been having.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nerd Sitcoms

I tend to read the WSJ regularly, this morning they had an article about the Fall Schedule, networks are trying hard to get us to watch their shows over the winter. CBS has "The Big Bang Theory," a nerd sitcom, on Monday's comedy block, NBC has Chuck saving the world at $11 an hour, seemingly inspired by the Geek Squad, at 8PM starting 24th. Interesting.

This morning I went to ProStaff, after Charles got me to pick him up from the Hacienda Hotel, after taking the airport shuttle. I am surprised at how much time he gave himself before getting to work. Especially on the first day without being able to get in early.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


This morning I was convinced by JJ to go to the beach, finally away from the computer. Of course as soon as I got home I looked up the rather strange post on

I really do hate to blog about the tool I am using, but these guys really have a hit as far as I am concerned I am putting more epics on my blog. Not sure why I clicked on epics when pics was underlined in red by my FireFox2, which keeps me from looking like an ignorant idiot by fixing my spelling. Funny I mispelled the word idoit, maybe I will let the red underlines stay, who knows might get a whole new demographic googling me.

Anyhow if you didn't try it already, Play Blogger is pretty cool. I will perhaps use it when I am on hold on the phone or bored. I stopped on Valle de Bravo, a new cellphone(hmmm, maybe I should take a pic of my phone and post it, after all I need to sell 256 GrandStream phones, if you liked my 5 free ways to get a phone number, might I suggest a BudgeTone for your home?), I had too look at the kid peeing on the soldier, pic folio, Ημερολόγιο Καταστρώματος: Fiesta Del Mare..., I wish I had more time, but JJ is dragging me out again, lunch time. It is so hard to find time to write and even tougher to write something someone would like to read. I don't get comments yet, I am obviously not reaching anyone yet. Of course there is the question as to who I might reach, who would digg me? Maybe I am one of those who should only read.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

ssh not logged out

So I am not sure why I am blogging this, but got a little frustrated looking for how to logout a dead ssh connection on CentOS5. Most OSs that I used timed out, but this one is up to 2 days and still logged in, strange. I wish I could get a funny cartoon from Alberto to go with all these stories, that would really increase readership. Anyhow I ended up doing a ps axjf then found the sshd: root@pts/0 process and killed that PID. Works, didn't have to reboot, after all it is all about uptime.

So going to pull a late night, figuring out why the CGI don't work, grrrr... I have another server that has it working for NetTracker, got to figure that one out still.

Loose Ends

So it is time to tie all the loose ends before I got job hunting. I am not Warren Buffet and it is time I get some better income, want to buy a house. So I am working through all the cards I picked up at the IT Expo and getting ready to do the eBay thing, need to clear the decks. Should probably finish the 5 books I am reading, while I get my callbacks.

Meanwhile Alberto has been at it again, he is also excited about the possibility of making money on ads on his site, big difference is that since he is more artistic, I feel he will actually make money, people like cartoons.

Word Processing, Internet, PayPal, SciFi writer predicted it all.

We all take this for granted, but here is an interview with Jerry Pournelle from early 1979 where he describes a big change in the publishing field. He has a Cromenco Z80 and talks about MODEMS and all the great things that will come in the future. I was the first to vote for it on YouTube, because I really thought it was an interesting view into the past, what he was already doing and the future, what can be done, but since this was filmed 28 years ago, all of it has already happened. My introduction to computers was Byte magazine, where he still writes.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Internet Telephoney Conference&Expo

Took the train to Internet Telephony since I was carpooling to Irvine afterwards for UUASC's Enterprise Storage talk. Those train ticket machines are quite confusing, I wonder if Apple could design them better? Imagine some easy to use really slick looking ticket machines, or even tickets right on your iPhone. After all they have the easiest to use phone interface I have seen. I keep hearing about the gPhone on Rizz podcast. These people are crazy, the podcast every day, wow. Only bad thing is the lack of tactile feedback, I can't dial a number without looking like on my old LG 303.

Anyhow the room was smaller then the shows back in the .COM boom. I guess that it got cut down to the right size after a year of no show. I collected lots of cards, won and iPhone, only to be told that I had to be there to collect it :( and filled in my bingo card for the Toyota FJ Cruiser, got to say that there were less then 1000 people present for that, but alas another one won, I didn't show for the iPhone where I was called, total 3 names that didn't collect it, I sure could have used one.

Spent all my time speaking to vendors, recruited some to talk at LiLAX, others I actually need a PBX from for some possible sales. Towards the end of the show I made an offer and got a GrandStream BT200 for a fair price, like at a farmer's market, at the end of the show, everything is dead weight. I am guessing I could have even offered less, and bought more things with the cash I had on hand. Darn, should have made a bid on the 2020 model, it is rather nice looking, and I have a client for a high end phone too. So much stuff available, not sure I can make sense of all of it. I got to say that even though I didn't attend the Fonality talk, they are on my shortlist because I already installed TrixBox several times and know how to use it. Besides it is probably better to go with the guys that support an open source project. This makes it less mysterious technology then the proprietary ones.

Next year I must take a camera and computer to blog at the show, it is worth attending.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday Beach Stroll, Sacred Places

Next time I will have to take a camera down there so that I can share the area with you, besides after seeing Matt's dancing around the world, which I ended up from my Sacred places on earth iGoogle Widget, then found the KML downloaded it into Google Earth then saw his video destinations in the program, there are lots of pictures there that people have contributed of the temple I was seeing originally in the first picture in iGoogle. This is pretty cool. I wonder if I could become a traveling blogger, much more interesting then one who is just here in El Segundo, but I must work again, maybe next summer.