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Thursday, January 28, 2010

I am currently baffled as to how Google Video finds related videos on their site. I got a link yesterday for "Fraud and the Tone at the Top" which had some rather unrelated x-rated videos, didn't even know that GV would carry those, on the side. So my theory is that it must be either a key word thing or that somehow people went to these videos after watching "Fraud and the Tone at the Top."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Linux Mercenary for hire, will do SysAdmin, networking, and Windows if need be

Blogging is getting old for me, I haven't seen the ads make any money so I have been forced to spend my time elsewhere. However every so often I feel like yelling something out the world, but airing dirty laundry is also rather boring to my readers so I guess I won't.

I am currently looking for a job, there seem to be many opportunities available: GN, IB, Yahoo, LW, FuHu, TC, Herbalife and too many others that I can't remember. I wonder if blogging about this hurts y chances, well, given that this blog isn't big in audience, probably not. Although I could see the value of documenting the process for people with similar skills to mine who are in my geography. Maybe they can do the same for me, for my next gig.

I am looking for a Linux Sysadmin job close to El Segundo CA, however for the right position, I will relocate anyhwhere in the world, I would like to live. I am currently interested in EC2 and some of the other cloud schemes. Amazon, would be a great place to work, or anyone building a cloud powered site. I hope to be CTO in 5 years and as such will take managerial positions.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

LA Subway

Public transit sucks in Southern California, but it wasn't always so bad, in the 1920s we actually had a pretty comprehensive rail system,

It was interesting to see a fantasy subway map of Los Angeles.