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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stocks at all time high

Makes me feel good, maybe I don't have to work as hard, but then the US$ is depreciating, so really I will need more money since things will cost more in the forseeable future. The Chinese are investing in equities now, not just tresuries, this seems like a good thing for others who are in the stock market as it will give us more power to buy. I am happy with my sales of EBAY and YHOO but am considering perhaps repurchasing them again at the lower prices just to get rid of my cash, it is so high these days I am worried that Sell in May go AWAY could happen again this year, but so far so good. Last year was painful, but we had that pain this year when the Shanghai market went down 9% earlier this year, could that make it stay now? Who knows... Maybe not.

Now to my technogeek stuff, I was asking to add to its front page as they don't meet anymore and I want to capture those hits and redirect them to other groups. In doing so I realize that I am really behind the updating of LALUGs, but whatelse is new, always been the case, it is a timeconsuming thing, still haven't been able to figure out how to get all the group leaders in a room to setup the RSS solution to autoupdate the site, don't even understand how that works as it is Peter's idea, but it does seem to make lots of sense, this cutting, reformating and pasting that I have done should be automated.

In looking over saw that it had some cool links like which I hadn't explored. So I tried out the Open Source Demo on XP and it worked, logged me into a KDE session on what looks like SuSE in German. Kind of neat, I would guess the .EXE I downloaded setup a VNC client on my end or some kind of LTSP magic that I don't need to understand now, but it is a very easy way to show a Linux machine to Windows or maybe even Mac users, but it seemed harder to do it on a Mac. I will have to figure out who to talk to in Suttgard about visiting us someday here at UUASC or LiLAX, they have it together.