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Friday, December 31, 2010

Google Voice on S60, cheap Android plan

Samsung Intercept is sweet, and paying VirginMobile $25/month for 300min, unlimited SMS and data is sweet.  In fact I like the Andriod 2.1 so much I signed up for kickbacks, so you can get 60 free min when you sign up.  Virgins email:
Hey guys, check out Virgin Mobile’s phones & plans at If you buy one of their phones, make sure you activate it online and enter my Kickbacks Code:
kYQnJLpt. That way WE’LL BOTH GET 60 MINUTES OF BONUS AIRTIME as soon as you add $20 to your account! Thanks!!
I haven't put this out much yet, but got 2 referral bonuses from a coupon site and Twitter so far, so it is working :) so please do use my code: kYQnJLpt for your free 60 min, if you decided to sign up. I wish I had found a working when when I signed up, but the deal is good enough for me, 300 min is plenty, I am usually home anyhow using Google Voice. I was able to make that my phone number, I can now get my outgoing caller ID to match the GV number, something that wasn't possible on S60 N95 before, as I don't have a GV app for that phone, however BDC makes a GV, as well as Google for maps.  After I want to discontinue the phone I realize there are cool apps for the N95, Fring is a must have for IM.

PS: $10 Kickbacks airtime bonus for referring a friend to Virgin Mobile!, 20 Kickbacks airtime bonus for referring a friend to Virgin Mobile!

Monday, December 20, 2010

SEPTEMBER!!! by Earth Wind and Fire

Brilliant, and they got Hundai to make commercials, PomplamooseMusic

Pomplamoose Deck the Halls

I got to try something like this, by the time the commercial shows up at the end I don't even mind it, great performance. Now if only I could write a song about Asterisk, or EC2 lol...
Flash seems to break me Mac when it goes to sleep and comes back with a blank screen.  Then I have to kill Chrome and sleep and wake to get video, but just discoverd this work around.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

RoadRunner wins

Interesting wireless on RoadRunner is better then ethernet to AT&T DSL. RR is 3 times the price.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I haven't done much on the job hunting side this week, feel a bit burned out, but ended up finding 3 leads at the LOPSA Chef (mt) talk.  Florian of is going to be giving a Chef training in April, probably a whole day if his last one is any indication.

Sold some WISP access, seems lika fun thing to do to get out of the office and most of all away from the computer, something I have been trying to do to restore some balance in my life.  I need to sign up more people for sales/install as the market is huge and underserved.  I especially need partners in the areas that have no competition, but can be served from a nearby community.

I am incentivized to keep blogging, I am a penny away from this paying out to me.  I probably put ads on my blog about 3 years ago, so as you can see, people who come here don't see the ads, much less click on them.  I would probably do much better with another audience.

I am starting to get an idea of that Linux Mercenaries is a guild of SysAdmins we help each other find work and health insurance, collect 10%, which contributes to your equity in the guild to fund ourselves.

Bandwidth testing AT&T again on 2 WiFi APs: 2.55/.42ping37ms on my 2wire vs. 2.55/.42ping36ms on Meraki on roof, i get 1.95/.41ping53ms while Netflix is doing SD video, which suggest that N uses .6 Mbits. 2.51/.39Mb/s37ms while talking on Skype with Codec SILK_MB_V3, amazing low, I will have to put a machine between my 2wire and the bandwidth users to find a better way to measure this.

Was reading the manual for the Intercept. Seems pretty easy to enter the google account and all your contacts are there :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I posted a video on YouTube showing me as a cloud computing, EC2 stud, got a call from someone to work on his OFBiz opentaps cool, I met Si Chen years ago, and always wanted to play with this and now I can bill someone to do it, which makes my family happy.

Today I bought a Virgin Mobile Android cellphone, on special until 12/20 for $175, seems like a great deal to get unlimited data, SMS and 300min for $25/month.  More in 3 to 5 days.
Installed Sparrow on my Mac to test.  It only does gMail in Beta 6 right now, can't say that it has any real compelling reasons to use it.

I was hearing about the NYtimes articule about Decor My Eyes and decided to look into nofollow.
I took a long bike ride on Sunday, it is great to exercise, makes your week run better. Did some hacking with AirSnort, just to help out S with his firmware on the card, he seems to want to setup the things with AirSnort.

Years ago I used to read Justin's links and have started to do so again, after all he still keeps it up to date.


Saturday went to the last LiLAX meeting, HNers and SFVLUG, got home really late after getting a grilling from my partner in Linux Mercenaries.

Today I went north on a 25 mile bike ride and paid a visit to a former room mate, however discovered that the reason I couldn't call him, is he passed away.  I am however glad to see how his website lives on: Richard Ahern's Freighter travel site. No wait, I am not sure that was his, I can only find a reference on another site.

In riding I thought about having a weekly Sunday bicycle ride with geeks along the beach.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Rabbit Ears + Netflix trending?

I can't even remember how long ago it was I was getting a $140/month cable bill, and decided to slash it to $0/month, which it is now, I at first used some WiFi for the internet portion of the bill, until I got the bright idea of working from home, to take care of my family better and at that point signed up for DSL $30/month, however that has also been slashed in half after signing up for commercial WiFi.  I read the NYTimes today and see that many people are moving from cable, which is still 90% of the households out there to rabbit ears.  So I am not the only one.  I also signed up for Netflix to replace the movie channels, which is a great service, especially if the show or movie you want is available in streaming, and you don't have to wait a day for the DVD to arrive, I still have the 1 DVD/month $10 plan, however don't seem to be using DVDs very much at all.  So if I could get CNBC on the internet, I got it all.  I still have to try Uverse from AT&T, which seems to have some interesting features, however I think the main thing I should try is setting up my computer or iPad to get it and not do cable, which is mostly laden with ads.