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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Part of the reason for BLogging is to make notes for myself. One of the topics I like to keep track of is Linux advocacy, so I think that is a good domain for the finding of substitute programs if you are running as I think most should these days.

I also have been working on TalkSwitch again. I wish I could find more clients for this learning, often I learn things one off and it really isn't that great to learn something and use it only once, so call me if you need help with your TalkSwitch or a bigger solution. 360 215-5250.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Disney, Evernote, Stocks

Time flies, we went to Disney again to ride the new Nemo Submarine Voyage, which was pretty cool, but as of last Saturday a 2 hour wait, no FastPass, bummer, but on the other hand learned something cool about single rider on some of the attractions, like Scream in the California Adventure you can get a single rider card and bypass the line, but you have to take single seats, it saved us lots of standing in line for the Disney Log ride as well, Splash Mountain; the one that gets you all wet. But then we were OK with that, it was hot on Saturday.

I wanted to endorse EverNote I learned about it from the MadMoneyMachine podcast and I got to say that it makes taking notes off the internet really easy. I have the FireFox plugin for it, and just mark the text, press the Evernote icon and boom timestamped, sourced notes. Haven't tried with IE yet, but it seems supported as well.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I am sleepless in th daytime

Last night I stayed up to watch the late show, not that there was any good reason to stay up, after all how many Paris Hilton jokes do I need?

So here I am trying to figure out, the next day instead of doing my stock homework what this crane does on the beach under the Dept. of Water and Power Scattergood plant in El Segundo CA. After spending some time at the site and seeing it from above, something new, we found some company that has similar filters for sale. It is amazing how many questions you can answer on the internet. We noticed that the sewage plant next door feeds biogas to the powerplant and that it in turn gives them steam, cool!

Stocks down

I have that uneasy feeling I often get after all time highs in my balance, is this as good as it gets? My GOL is down -4.7% from a high last week, this makes me step back and evaluate my positions. My AAPL had also done a similar move, recently, but they are now advertizing the iPhone on TV, which seems to have done well for me so at a current price of 122.41 I figure that I am safe for the moment today's high 122.68 feels very good.

So my sell May go away strategy is still partially on hold, I am happy I dumped YHOO and EBAY at good prices, but still uneasy about not having more cash, last summer was a great time to buy, will this summer be a great time to hold? I am watching CWTR and SANM as well, have to make up my mind.