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Sunday, July 8, 2012


I wonder if the next leg might be up?  It seems like based on the BitCoinCharts we could be consolidating at these levels and might go up next, I would accept this currency for my work, as I have an expectation that it will hold value better then other options, so that in itself is a bullish sign, as long as I am not the only one feeling this way.  Since the bitcoin supply has been increasing as well, I guess bullish all around.  I might fund my Dwolla so that I can buy some one of these days, but more likely I will just go to a miner in cash as this will probably get me a better rate, as I did last time when I got reimbursed for dinner when I paid for a miner's burger at UUASC. I went to BitCoinFaucent and had it send me .001 to 1LqRz7ZPvwbKt7RFj1jdwE87oSUpg7VgnF and feel free to send any unused b$ there, as I could use more of it to play with, donations will go to free meals at user group meetings. So time will tell if now when bitcoin is around 6.78, it was a good time to buy, I suspect they might go up in price again.  Probably around the time when a big publication talks about them again, this is how it went to 32 last time was when lots of financial papers covered bitcoin, take a look at the all time graph, you will see when this happened back in spring of last year.

OBi100: Free Google Voice on a cordless phone $45

I guess it might include google talk as well, but who knows, I haven't played with one yet, I saw it on the GizWiz 1372, 27 min in, looks great for sale on Amazon for $44.41 new or $37.50 used. Free calls to US and Canada for the rest of the year, paid by Google and you get a free number, which I already have had one for a decade, used to be GrandCentral in the old days, get your free Google Voice number now, order the device and cancel your landline, I will finally be canceling mine this month, as I move and won't get one in Mountain View. The OBi should be enough for my telephone needs, no 911 though. Leo endorses it, good enough for me, let me know if it works for you as I want to order one, which is why I am blogging it as a reminder. I have taken some time off this week to pack, so the last thing I want right now is more stuff, in fact drop by and take some stuff, I have a 42" plasma to give away in El Segundo, mind you the plasma leaked the gas, but the electronics work if you need a processor or power supply for an old AKAI.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I am loving the room that I rented, today I walked by the peach tree, saw some fruit on the driveway, then went back inside and to the back of the property found a plum tree with about 100 plums that had fallen to the ground, collected a few dozen, washed them up and had breakfast. My employer also treats us very well and has a nicely stocked fridge, however we do have to pay for our meals at work, being a contractor and all.