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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Connecting to Google Voice Via SIP

Avatar is something I plan to watch. There seem to be many movies out right now that are interesting.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have been doing much work on a 15" MacBook Pro, great laptop, but shouldn't I use a desktop for most of my work? Seems that a bigger screen would be more productive. I took a trip to the MS Store in Mission Viejo and the Apple store as well to see what they offered.

I have been hearing about his 27" iMac, and it sure seems like a neat machine. Then there is also the Sony L series, with touch screen, BluRay and TV tuner, only 24" screen, however so much more then the iMac has, but then it comes with Windows 7, rather then something Unix like. Would be nice if there was a 3rd option, running Ubuntu. I think Dell should make such a thing, they are the Linux friendly manufacture, of the majors. I guess HP is also an option, but the build quality of the last media center I tried left something to be desired, although the price was rather attractive. I would try another one on for size, they have those cool HD bays, neat feature.

Seems like as much time as I spend on the computer, would be a good investment, and since this is for work, should be tax deductable.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

landlines, thing of the past?

I wonder how many people like I don't really find my land line all that useful anymore. I question why I pay $20/month for something I don't really use that much. When you have a cellphone, SIP, Skype, and you can even call on Twitter it seems like it is enough. I was told that even after you cancel your land line 911 service tends to continue to work. Tempting to save that money. Internet connection is invaluable, but a landline and cable TV isn't for the next generation.

It makes me wonder if Google Voice lets you transfer your land line, to a free Google Voice that then transfers the call to Gizmo which the bought, how many land lines will be lost? Cellphone only households are at 18% already.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


is a bizarre idea of painting electronic circuits on skin.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

LiLAX got a new hosting offer from Language Weaver, cool, at the Hughes center, we are aiming for January 9 for our first meeting.
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The Spy Factory is a very well researched and presented program. It was just on broadcast 28.4 again and I have to say that it is sad how much info we had and ignored. On the other hand there is also the loss of liberty, which we have suffered. The expense of watching all of this, which is all of our burden. Resources given to defense do make our living standard deteriorate.

I move from having cable to not having it, changes what you get from the TV. Is broadcast any worst then having more channels, you can't watch anyhow? There is only so much time and so much info to absorb. Same problem intelligence has.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Microsoft Announces Quarterly Earnings Release Date and Upcoming Events for

Microsoft Announces Quarterly Earnings Release Date and Upcoming Events for the forth quarter. Will be interesting to see if the MS Stores have been doing. I hope they talk about them.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Replacement DVD player PET741B/37

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't use other languages in TWiTlive, I got kicked out for pointing out that JooJoo sounded like 豬 (pig). But OK, whatever, the CrunchPad is an interesting product, if it ever sees the light of day. So I am no longer a part of the TWiT chat room as I don't like the rules there.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Canceled cable a while back and notice that broadcast TV is a pretty good deal, but the internet fills the rest with NetFlix or Blockbuster(store around the corner), maybe DishTV at $20/month for 100 channels would be good, but a year commitment, hmmm, can I do that? NYTimes articule about TV, give a pretty good overview about what to watch, Boxee, Hulu and Netflix are great! On the air I get full high def, who has time for more? TWC, you lost me with your high prices and lousy picture quality.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have given away some Wave invites and people have asked, well what is this good for? Today I found a great explanation: Google Wave is 40 year old email reinvented as it would be today, but why hear it from me, watch the awsome video from epipheo they explain it in 2 minutes, better then I could in an hour.

I have more invites.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I am listening to a funny
The movie industry is screwed, their product is inferior to the freely available pirate versions of their product. The funny part about it is that they react by encumbering BluRay with lots of protection to keep the content from being copied, further making the free versions which now perhaps perfectly legitimate users might create so they can take the content with them on a laptop to that plane where they don't want to pack all physical media. We know from the music industry that for a while it was very hard to pay for the content in a format you wanted, now Amazon sells unlocked music online for a reasonable price. You can buy music again, meanwhile Netflix is delivering content cheap and in a format that works, but because it is still dependent on a stream of pretty high bandwidth, it is so much easier to share unlocked movies, so whoever pays gets penalized vs the people who just download or share the movies that have been unlocked. I get it, we need to pay the people who make movies, but given that they make it hard to get movies in a good format, and the stuff is available for free, it seems they should give up on copy protection and release in a format that is usable. I write this blog post after getting frustrated with DVDs and BluRay's menu structures where they make you watch the FBI waring for every disk, they don't let you skip the previews. Why can't I just turn the thing on and watch the movie? Don't waste my time. I know I am not the only one frustrated with things not working and blocking me to get things done, because they don't trust the people who pay them. However we have the power, we are paying for this stuff, lets demand it in a better format.

Say no to DRM!

There is lots of content on the internet now, explore what is available often free, YouTube, Hulu, TWiT, all delivered cheaper then DVDs and BluRays, it costs Netflix 5 cents to internet deliver a movie, this is the future, but let us cache it on the HD, like I can do with iTunes, copy it move it to whatever device I want to use, charge if you must, support it with ads if you must, I get it you have to pay your rent and buy food too. Don't alienate your clients.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

T-mobile has a cool page that lets you find out which numbers you can port to them. In my limited testing seems that AT&T, VoxLineSystems, Google Voice all work, however IPKall doesn't. Something to keep in mind when you get a phone number from someone, can you port it out.
Tonight there is a UUASC meeting with a great guy from Google talking about IPV6 stats, meanwhile is a great live video podcast, looking at Chris DiBona there neat, he leads a team I would love to be on. Andy Ruben leads the Android team, another great place with a future. Google is hiring again, cool, seems like a great place to work, if you are looking for a refuge from your family. Somewhere that would keep you busy doing neat stuff.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Need Linux help?: