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Saturday, December 19, 2009

LiLAX got a new hosting offer from Language Weaver, cool, at the Hughes center, we are aiming for January 9 for our first meeting.
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The Spy Factory is a very well researched and presented program. It was just on broadcast 28.4 again and I have to say that it is sad how much info we had and ignored. On the other hand there is also the loss of liberty, which we have suffered. The expense of watching all of this, which is all of our burden. Resources given to defense do make our living standard deteriorate.

I move from having cable to not having it, changes what you get from the TV. Is broadcast any worst then having more channels, you can't watch anyhow? There is only so much time and so much info to absorb. Same problem intelligence has.


Patrick D. said...

I much prefer Hughes center to Downtown L.A. Looking forward to the update of the LiLAX Google Group posting space.

I always remember any expense should payback and freedom is not free, regrettably.

I never had cable and have always had too much to watch since the L.A. basin had 7 VHF channels from when I was a child.

Eric Hagerstrom said...

I just watched Spy Factory (streaming via Netflix). I think the problem is too many attorneys and politicians are ready to jump on NSA folks who just want to keep their heads down and finish their careers. Risk avoidance means we don't get what we pay for: actionable intelligence. No one does the right thing.