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Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have been doing much work on a 15" MacBook Pro, great laptop, but shouldn't I use a desktop for most of my work? Seems that a bigger screen would be more productive. I took a trip to the MS Store in Mission Viejo and the Apple store as well to see what they offered.

I have been hearing about his 27" iMac, and it sure seems like a neat machine. Then there is also the Sony L series, with touch screen, BluRay and TV tuner, only 24" screen, however so much more then the iMac has, but then it comes with Windows 7, rather then something Unix like. Would be nice if there was a 3rd option, running Ubuntu. I think Dell should make such a thing, they are the Linux friendly manufacture, of the majors. I guess HP is also an option, but the build quality of the last media center I tried left something to be desired, although the price was rather attractive. I would try another one on for size, they have those cool HD bays, neat feature.

Seems like as much time as I spend on the computer, would be a good investment, and since this is for work, should be tax deductable.

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Gareth Bowles said...

My recommendation - stick with the MacBook and just use it in clamshell mode with a nice wireless keyboard / mouse combo (the Microsoft one is nice and works great with all the Mac idiosyncracies, much cheaper than the Apple options) and a big monitor, 24" or more, which you can pick up easily for < $200 these days.