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Thursday, March 29, 2012

It just works!

is what I used to hear Jobs say at the keynote, but alas I got a Thinkpad with W7 on it and I hear I will get a Blackberry, wow, why would I learn old tech?  I think I have to research if I can put Outlook on Ubuntu and maybe bring my own phone to work, just use the GSM chip in another phone, but wait, the phone will be very expensive, since the free Blackberry will have used up the subsidy, rats.

I have found some great hosts in the Bay Area for all my trips, it is less polluted then El Segundo, so maybe I will have to rename this blog again, as I an not Sleepless in Palo Alto.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Radio Shack

I bought a Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph in Mountain View CA almost a month ago, after having 2 defective ones, I tried a 3rd one and I thought the 3rd one would be a charm, it was mostly, until I started to get reboots during navigation and white screens when I would wake it up.  Given that I don't have warranty and I was at 29 days I decided to return it.  It took 3 hours, with 3 different Radio Shack Stores to do this return, the first Radio Shack on Hawthorne and El Segundo is the worst.  I hear they are the best performer in sales, but they treat the customers badly when it comes to returns.  First I was told they will not accept an item for a return that wasn't bought in their store, then that they wanted a 15% restocking fee, so I said I would exchange the phone for the same model, they balked at that too, and wanted $21 more for the phone.  I left after they tried to talk me into some contract carrier or another phone I didn't like.  So great, Radio Shack on 1908 Sepulveda, said its computer was broken, and also tried to up sell me and show me other phones, problem is Virgin doesn't really have anything like the Triumph, so again contract carriers for far more then the $25/month I have now, didn't want them either.  TheShack #3 at 15126 Hawthorne Blvd, Johnny didn't have any in stock, but had no problem processing my return, with no restocking fee.  Interesting....  not all Radio Shack stores are alike.