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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

electric dreams

I always liked the idea of a solar powered electric car. I think it would work in even the most remote part of the world where there isn't an electric grid or even gas as a power source. It is clean, reliable and non polluting. This is something that I could really get into, perhaps even start a company. It could use some of my open source technology for the on board computer. Anyone interested in working on this with me call me: +1 360 215-5250.

FOSS Dreams, Blockbuster vs Netflix

I can't exactly remember what the dream was that I had, but the conclusions I got when I woke up seem worth sharing. We can share Free Open Source Software, FOSS, at Libraries, Blockbuster and NetFlix. If we had original disks at these places for loan to people it would be a fast way to distribute software to many people who either don't want to burn the CDs or don't have broadband internet access. I doubt any of them would mind getting free content to distribute, however I have had problems convincing the local library because the are concerned about distributing software since you couldn't do this with MS software for instance. They don't

Blockbuster 3 at a time service is great since you get 3 movies from the online store and those in turn get me 3 more movies from the store while the online store resends the other 3. Netflix has been limited by the speed of the mail, but since the Blockbuster plan allows me to rent one more in the store for each I get online plus on more from a coupon you printout online it is many many DVDs per month, depending on how fast you return and rerent I would think you can get up to 12 DVDs per week allowing for 1 day to watch them, and the weekend too. So if you got the first 3 DVDs mailed on Monday get them on Tuesday and recycle them at the store on Wednesday for 3 store DVDs, you can get those for a whole week, then you get the 3 DVDs you recycled at the store on Friday or at worst on Saturday recycle those at the store over the weekend and that would be a total of 12 DVDs per week, you might easily get 49 DVDs per month, one can be a store rented game as well with the coupon. It is theoretically possible to get even more if you can mail them back the same day you received them but you wouldn't have time to watch, I mostly pass the store rented ones on to the neighbor to watch. Anyhow it is a great deal for $18/month plus tax, recommended. More movies then on cable, don't get me started about TWC, I currently don't have any TV service from them, because they had technical problems and are expensive. Unfortinatly I just read in the Monday July 30 IBD that they are limiting the instore rentals to 5/month. This really reduces the possible rentals. So if you have a store close to you Blockbuster is the best one, if you don't NetFlix has online downloads and beats them on price: $17 for 3 at a time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Today I had 3 stocks go -6% on me: AAPL ETFC USG and GOL is still doing pretty poorly. I am starting to feel that I have to through all overboard and buy back in August. This can't be a good time to be invested.

Meanwhile I had a long talk about the iPhone again and my artist buddy keeps pushing his website on me he is selling his art on objects. I think he is talented and wish him the best, therefor I am linking his site in my blog. It should help him get some of that Google creed we all need. I wonder if it can be even found in a search, probably not.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crash and Burn TAM

This darn airline had to overshoot the runway and burn. My GOL is down 4%, lucky I sold some yesterday to lessen the impact, not because I can predict the future, more because it was my largest holding, and now worst late entry to the portfolio. Oil is up, Brazilian authorities are not trusted. What a mess.

Maybe enough bad news to buy some, I have to go for a walk and think.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


So my wife drags me off to a goodbye party and I meet the webmaster of SCknights and get to talk some geeky stuff with him. For the first time in this kind of mixed company someone brings up Ubuntu, hehe... seems my wife is kind of sick of hearing about it by now. I hear his Google ads are working for him and he has 1800 hits a day, wow. I should probably beef up my website, maybe register a domain. After all the domain squatter I was talking with generated lots of hits and this Kevin Rose guy who signed my TechTV cap, when he was that Screen Savers G4TechTV show about 3 years ago, then later I find him on the cover of BusinessWeek after creating Digg and getting 30 million in stock in 18 months. Wow, maybe this idea of teaming up with Katmandu and creating a website for them could work, who would have pictured me selling furniture, but hey Duane is crazy and his persona might just work online, I think of as an example of a wacky website that has done great.