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Saturday, March 31, 2007

All4Sale, Germany

The date of the Germany Trip is getting closer, I want to clear the decks, I wish I could turn all this stuff here into Euros, would be a great way to finance the trip.

Hmmm.... The most valuable things I guess are a place to stay, which will be empty for 2 weeks and the stuff inside which if sold would be gone and out of mind, but then it isn't like we are moving to Germany yet, however I always consider the possibility of finding a job over there and staying.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Blues

Still trying to get XP to run nicely, but I bet it has some crap attached to it, Vista has some pretty bad reviews, so I guess it is time again to explore the idea of using GNUCash next year and also trying out some open source tax program. Meanwhile this year I bought TurboTax and have had problems getting cost basis for stocks into it, what a pain. Every corner it seems like I am spending more money on software that doesn't work :(

Thursday, March 15, 2007

not blogging

Wow, let a few days pass, still trying to get rid of all my stuff. I relisted my 42" HDTV monitor as it is time to get things ready for my trip to Germany, when I wouldn't be able to watch it, what do you know I got offered $1100 again, I asked for an address from the person, I bet I never hear again, how can someone offer me that much money on something listed on CraigsList? I figure they can take the risk of me not shipping it because the the check will be no good and they hope I ship first, and then find out it is bad. Got to say that it is a perfectly good offer for the monitor, but I can't take it, since I presume that I will get nothing.