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Thursday, April 29, 2010

So I have a Cannon MP830 with an empty black(8) ink cartridge, refuses to print although I have a full Black(5) cartridge and I have to get the TV in FedEx:( Very frustrating when you,re in a hurry.

Cloud Computing talk

Last night I gave my cloud computing talk (PPT) at the Perl group hosted at Rubycon, a pretty cool looking startup on the first set of 24. The DVI connector I used was labeled "do not remove from CTU," which was interesting. Couldn't really figure out what CTU meant to them, other then a movie reference. The had WiFi and a pretty good group of 20 people there to listen to this and Cassandra, which I found to be a very interesting talk as well. Perhaps that is what I should do with my Amazon time, run Cassandra in the cloud, just for giggles. Now I need an excuse to do it, some application that needs scalability. Anyone? I will through in my time too for equity.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bike ride

I finally took a bike ride after finding the neighbor to retrieve my key. Since the tire was a bit flat started out going the wrong way to the gas station that didn't have air, and then took a left down at the beach to go to the other Chevron by the MB parking lot, however on the way ended up just going straight to the pier where some kids gave me some cards vote to save the Roundhouse Aquarium.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Broken broker

I have a broker that can't export a managed account to TurboTax, they really suck.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

iPad for our kid

I am sold, if I had $499 to burn, a 16 G WiFi model is on its way for my 2 year old, hmmm, maybe it can be her b'day present. This really works, perhaps a iTouch would be a cheaper safer alternative, perhaps even a used one, since I think that I can pretty much count on loosing a few on the way to responsibility.

Urban Decay art, Braddock PA

I saw a great interview with mayor John Fetterman on PBS 24 last week. Colbert Report, NYTimes, Braddock Homes, all show a decaying industrail town, suburb of PitsBurgh PA which he is trying to revitalize into an artist community. Sounds rather cool. The PBS interview is worth watching.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Apple Keynote exploit? breaks when it plays in iTunes, LJ confirms this, wonder if it is compromised? Maybe just some garbage in the file, wish I had a virus checker to see what is wrong.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

spotted in the iPad store

I was spotted at the iPad store on Saturday, surprised that this picture came back to me so fast. I was thinking of taking a picture myself, like many did, there were so many people around the iPad table, it is a cool device. The in store people were learning how to use and trying to demo. But it is pretty intuitive.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

iPad shipping

I googled for iPad tracking number and found one:
LocationDateLocal TimeDescription
04/03/201012:28 A.M.IMPORT SCAN
It does ship from China via UPS, interesting....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ear ethernet inplant

Having the ear infection isn't as bad as it could have been, with modern science and a fair amount of help from the CrashSpace, the nerve endings were connected to a small ethernet enabled transponder and it makes for an inperfect interface to the internet. I am still learning how to "hear" it therefore I am typing this on a keyboard and watching it on a screen and deciphering the new "sounds". However I have 5 wpm going and am confident that with more patience and training I will be able to get a decent throughput going. The main thing that worries me right now is getting the right firewall going and I think I need unplug from the router at night so that I don't get woken on LAN, as my Mac used to be. It is also very scary to think that someone could write a root kit for my brain someday. I haven't figured out how to see images yet, but maybe someday I will figure out something, that doesn't involve loosing an eye.

I am still working on the network stack, studying Linux source code to find the leanest solution. If I had a stroke I guess I would substitute the bad part of the brain for more CPU, however a power source remains the limiting issue. Since I only do I/O right now, I can easily power that on ethernet recharge the battery, while getting a more secure wired connection. It works, but I have to load the code into my brain and execute it, still working hard at optimizing and loading. It is a slow process, but as I start to get bootstrapped and to the alpha level, I will think about open sourcing it, maybe I can get the crowed to help me improve it.