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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ear ethernet inplant

Having the ear infection isn't as bad as it could have been, with modern science and a fair amount of help from the CrashSpace, the nerve endings were connected to a small ethernet enabled transponder and it makes for an inperfect interface to the internet. I am still learning how to "hear" it therefore I am typing this on a keyboard and watching it on a screen and deciphering the new "sounds". However I have 5 wpm going and am confident that with more patience and training I will be able to get a decent throughput going. The main thing that worries me right now is getting the right firewall going and I think I need unplug from the router at night so that I don't get woken on LAN, as my Mac used to be. It is also very scary to think that someone could write a root kit for my brain someday. I haven't figured out how to see images yet, but maybe someday I will figure out something, that doesn't involve loosing an eye.

I am still working on the network stack, studying Linux source code to find the leanest solution. If I had a stroke I guess I would substitute the bad part of the brain for more CPU, however a power source remains the limiting issue. Since I only do I/O right now, I can easily power that on ethernet recharge the battery, while getting a more secure wired connection. It works, but I have to load the code into my brain and execute it, still working hard at optimizing and loading. It is a slow process, but as I start to get bootstrapped and to the alpha level, I will think about open sourcing it, maybe I can get the crowed to help me improve it.

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