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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Spent a good part of the day learning Cisco and trying to configure a 7204, only to discover that I didn't quite get as much as I hoped for.

To be fair there is a little else going on, download of Ubuntu 8.10 at 41KB/sec and a few phones that are connected, but not talking, should be minimal otherwise, but still this isn't close to 44.2Mb/s.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


BarCampLA6 has been pretty cool so far I really liked the MS Surface, because it is a new interface that no one has a use for yet, but yet it shows so much promise. I found Apple seems to be in the surface space too, they have a better idea then MS, inbed the sensors in the LCD.

Amora is a N95 applet that lets you control your Linux system where you can run amorad on Linux. Pretty neat. I could use this for presentations, now it is in Python, maybe can be ported to Windows and Mac.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

iPhone dev

I had a great day at the Apple iPhone dev meeting, but I am under an NDA not to publish pictures or even talk about it. Nothing I signed, and I am sure many may have missed the request in the 9am talk.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ubiquiti NanoStation2

I got to say that these wireless access points are really cool and work great. The Meraki used to be able to connect me, but then it decided to do a firmware update all on its own, the new firmware doesn't support it leaching off another non-meraki access point, geez, now what good is it to me. Just got my first call on VoIP sounds perfect :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


Recently I upgraded the firmware on my N95, then connected it to Flickr.  I can't believe the speed now, I can take a picture, press one more button, put a comment on it and upload it to Flickr, really fast, really cool.  But I use a Google blog, well, will have to look into this, but I am really enjoying my new N95 firmware, this is awsome!  iPhone users, you don't have a 5 MegaPixel camera.  Now that it is so easy my Flickr should be filling up with pics.  Only thing is I haven't figured out if there is a dataplan on the SIMM, so have to settle for WiFi.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

late night python

So I spent most of the night with 3 guys with startup fever who are starting the next mobile .com, the one really cool thing I did is get my N95 to upload pictures on the WiFi right away, this blogging bug is really taking hold.  I can't stop, more toys to play with. So why do I leave one office to spend time in a pseudo office? Well, for one I guess it is more fun then being in a cube.  air of something that seems crazy and is just starting, is kind of a strange idea.  Could we really make something of this little idea? Big companies do the same thing, can we survive? Will this be the birth place of the next google? Yea right, most fail, but I guess like playing the lottery, this one might win.

still no T3

I don't have much bandwidth in my mind and at times I have to blog about things that are IMed to me like Wubi, the Windows Ubuntu installer.  Seems like I have used it before, when I installed 8.04 on the CEO's Dell, not that he knows it is there, but I digress.

These days we have been waiting for Cogent to get our T3 up, they have apologized for the delay and given me a hit of us getting a free month to offset the delay, not that I care, we are doing splendidly with a DSL connection from AT&T to the point that I don't care anymore if we ever get 44.2Mbps, not!  I do want the bandwidth to do what I don't know yet, but hey I could stream all kind of content, put cameras everywhere do so many things I can't do from home, I canceled all forms of internet there. So there is the Verizon 3G card with these setup instructions for MacBookPro that would let me have it everywhere, would be cool to get one of those for the office. 

I have to say that although my AdSense sucks, I am still only half way to the prize of $100 for doing all this, worst paid job in the internet, my SEO has been going up, I am more influential on the internet that I used to be as measured by search engines, you just can't monetize it. So then what is the point of putting ads on my pages?  I might as well do this for free. Unlike my job, where I hate to document, but must to get paid.  Speaking of which, I haven't found TunnelBlick easy to install, so I am going to try Viscosity next, but the current version .7 expires on 10/31, might as well wait until after halloween.

Spent most of the day talking to several Cogent people to get the circuit up and running, I feel bad about all the time it is taking me.  Maybe AT&T would have been a better bet, but they were so expensive, I wanted to get something more affordable, AT&T was also very reluctant to even price the circuit which made them seem to unresponsive to a small company like us, perhaps they are too busy chasing the Fortune 500 to pay attention to this little .com, who cares, they are really bad to deal with too, in general all big companies are a pain to get something done.  

After work I am again at Havana Sandwitch, great place to start a .com, it has WiFi. I think I will start getting LiLAX to meet here at times, maybe a weekly lunch or something.  Or even UUASC. Seems they are happy to have us, even if it means they will go home late, they are great here :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Got rid of the fish tank yesterday, give it to George, he was happy to have it, but called me last night for help, yea right, I was in Irvine, worst called me on the old cellphone, the one ending in 9750, not mine anymore. Still have to get rid of more stuff, this place needs to be clear soon, have another person moving in and it is amazing how much space little people talk. So how do you et rid of stuff is again in my plate, I hate to toss this all in the trash, it works, and recycling is hard, but who needs a DiskMan or DSL filters?  USB cord, phone cords? 26VAC, .25A power brick with out a connector, the devices were shipped to China.
This morning I have tried to short and buy AAPL, none filled, but while I am waiting for the cable guy to come take CNBC away from me and internet access, what a headache I have, trying to settle things before I go off the grid.  I heard that we get our office T3 on Wednesday, end of business, finally Cogent has been slow, but I guess being in an off network building as they call it we don't get the advantage of being lit fast.  I think however they are willing to come into our building with a T3 as they will probably simply use it if we don't pay for it to sell it to other tenants or divide it in several bits and sell it to others to hold clients until they can bring fiber in, and I suspect that our 2 buildings have enough tenants to make a great target to get new clients.  They tell me they need $5000 in business to light up a building.  I really like the idea they have of bringing in a fiber and then distributing it via ethernet to the tenants so they can sell $6/megabit, but so far we are paying 10 times that, as we don't have the building lit yet, too bad, maybe someday.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

the machine is using us

Some weekends I end up on ch 6 on TWC and there is a great feed from CSUDH which has classes broadcast on TV. Very educational, today I am seeing some kind of psychology class which is into the web and modern times how we get influenced by things, very interesting, I really enjoyed a great video about the web which I wanted to share with you:

This is very much the sites I use every day, give to me fast and furious.  Nice.  This weekend I missed going to MerbCamp and yet I ended up staying home to please someone important to me, went to a very large baby stuff store, and 2 supermarkets, we have too much food at home, oh well, maybe this is the week that the economy falls apart and we have to start hording before money is meaningless.  Perhaps we will trade in goods in the future again.  So I get a Skype from Charles ringing on my phone, but lucky I got to call back, he is on his Blackberry finally using his EDGE on the computer.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Clear that room!

So my office is becoming a nursery eventually, seems that my 19" monitor is in the way too, just get rid of all your stuff, every married guy probably has the problem of having someone nag you and get all your stuff in order, but if you are single, then you got to do that yourself.  Amazing, she keeps buying new stuff, I have to make money and get rid of all the old stuff.  Life goes on, the economy is bad, so no good market for my stuff.  I have been listing things on Amazon, and at first sold very well, but then nothing, seems like it is tough to do any business lately.  I guess I really have to lower my prices on everything, just as my stocks also became much cheaper, wish I had waited a year to by everything I have, some I could have waited much longer, I should have been a bear much longer.  Today sold my AAPL and even shorted some as a bye bye, I give up, I capitulate, it is time to let the stocks drop, I can't buy now.  Soon, but not now.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Walked home

Geez, they don't like us parking at work overnight, so I drove my car to Maple and Maryland and parked there, walked home, street cleaning in my street is on Tuesday and Wednesday, but what a headache, work would have been easy to leave a car there at the old office, rats... Now to walk again tomorrow and drive it in the hostile building.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

F150 Top Gear, Self-Healing Disk Arrays at UUASC

I had lunch at Havana again. Yesterday at lunch work we discussed how Top Gear said during this video that Americans are mostly doing incest, you have to watch it, it was funny, although insulting. Spent some time at the LOPSA meeting and UUASC right after, it, afermeeting isn't as interesting, better get home, oh no car... anyhow it was pretty interesting about storage, although was a commercial talk, about 20 people showed.Self-Healing Disk Arrays is how it was advertised and that does sure sound like marketing, but cool if it is true. Reliable storage is surely important.

4am rate limit

Wow fast early in the day, but the market isn't going up yet, maybe after the house approves the bailout, thinking of buying some BIDU at a low price today or soon, I have been selling it on a 2% stop loss and making a little money each time, but I missed the big one, don't have margin and been trading it too much. It seems like day trading is a better strategy these days then long term, boy have I been wiped out in my core positions. Got up really early today, had not done that in a while, I should probably telecomute today, will fall asleep if I go to the office.