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Thursday, October 16, 2008

still no T3

I don't have much bandwidth in my mind and at times I have to blog about things that are IMed to me like Wubi, the Windows Ubuntu installer.  Seems like I have used it before, when I installed 8.04 on the CEO's Dell, not that he knows it is there, but I digress.

These days we have been waiting for Cogent to get our T3 up, they have apologized for the delay and given me a hit of us getting a free month to offset the delay, not that I care, we are doing splendidly with a DSL connection from AT&T to the point that I don't care anymore if we ever get 44.2Mbps, not!  I do want the bandwidth to do what I don't know yet, but hey I could stream all kind of content, put cameras everywhere do so many things I can't do from home, I canceled all forms of internet there. So there is the Verizon 3G card with these setup instructions for MacBookPro that would let me have it everywhere, would be cool to get one of those for the office. 

I have to say that although my AdSense sucks, I am still only half way to the prize of $100 for doing all this, worst paid job in the internet, my SEO has been going up, I am more influential on the internet that I used to be as measured by search engines, you just can't monetize it. So then what is the point of putting ads on my pages?  I might as well do this for free. Unlike my job, where I hate to document, but must to get paid.  Speaking of which, I haven't found TunnelBlick easy to install, so I am going to try Viscosity next, but the current version .7 expires on 10/31, might as well wait until after halloween.

Spent most of the day talking to several Cogent people to get the circuit up and running, I feel bad about all the time it is taking me.  Maybe AT&T would have been a better bet, but they were so expensive, I wanted to get something more affordable, AT&T was also very reluctant to even price the circuit which made them seem to unresponsive to a small company like us, perhaps they are too busy chasing the Fortune 500 to pay attention to this little .com, who cares, they are really bad to deal with too, in general all big companies are a pain to get something done.  

After work I am again at Havana Sandwitch, great place to start a .com, it has WiFi. I think I will start getting LiLAX to meet here at times, maybe a weekly lunch or something.  Or even UUASC. Seems they are happy to have us, even if it means they will go home late, they are great here :)

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