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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Clear that room!

So my office is becoming a nursery eventually, seems that my 19" monitor is in the way too, just get rid of all your stuff, every married guy probably has the problem of having someone nag you and get all your stuff in order, but if you are single, then you got to do that yourself.  Amazing, she keeps buying new stuff, I have to make money and get rid of all the old stuff.  Life goes on, the economy is bad, so no good market for my stuff.  I have been listing things on Amazon, and at first sold very well, but then nothing, seems like it is tough to do any business lately.  I guess I really have to lower my prices on everything, just as my stocks also became much cheaper, wish I had waited a year to by everything I have, some I could have waited much longer, I should have been a bear much longer.  Today sold my AAPL and even shorted some as a bye bye, I give up, I capitulate, it is time to let the stocks drop, I can't buy now.  Soon, but not now.

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