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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kettle Baby

originally uploaded by Ralf98x.


originally uploaded by Ralf98x.

Download while doing Ubuntu updates

I could see the download go from 15 sec to 6 min while I did this test, so having something going on definitely affects speed.

dead drops

leaving USB drives in a wall to share with all .... oh what fun we will all have, what could possibly go wrong? nothing that isn't happening on the internet, but with faster through put, brilliant.  How long before they are full of SPAM?

Broadnet Wireless

I am at a loss to explain this wild swings in bandwidth. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

AT&T still as slow as it was

I am mostly amazed at how little upload speed it has. The MODEM reports:
• Incoming: 3008 kbps
• Outgoing: 512 kbps
but clearly it is a bit slower, however very consistent.

AT&T still as slow as it was

I am mostly amazed at how little upload speed it has. The MODEM reports: Incoming: 3008 kbps
• Outgoing: 512 kbps, but clearly it is a bit slower, however very consistent.

AT&T still as slow as it was


10/26 5:16am


BroadnetWireless 10/30 right after the Meraki starts working.

Strange my results differ now at 7:20PM, I get much more bandwidth.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I am getting excited about cashing out of my AdSense, I am very close to the first payout :)  I spent some time today looking at an orphan blog with ads, which doesn't give its former owner any revenue, I should have kept my connection to it. I was looking at other blogs, saw some good ones, but forgot to get all the URLs, nice pictures on galaxycounters.

LAMPsig sounded boring, but I went anyhow, learned about tasksel, which helps install task specific servers, in Ubuntu during the Mkahawa talk.

Meanwhile family going to Happy Valley, becaue the happiest place on earth is too far.

I am fixing to get rid of some credit cards, I have been paying interest, don't know why.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rationing electrical power

I am experimenting with some extreme rationing of electricity at home these days, family is gone and I wonder how low an electrical bill I can make by not using as much power as I used too.  Mind you that the power is so cheap it doesn't matter financially for me, it is more an experiment to know how much I would need in solar panels if I wasn't on the grid.

I thought about the problems back in the island where electricity was also scarce and you couldn't raise the price to make it work out because people would simply steal it, making the electrical company even more fanatically unstable.  However what could the government do, the people who stole electricity lived in shacks with 1 conductor wires that were hot and a return through the ground in the place they dumped the kitchen water as a conductor for the stake they put in the ground, all to save on copper.  Better to do families that could afford a 2 wire system sometimes tampered with meters as well as prices were also high for them.

We always paid for our power, but that wasn't the expensive part, we had to run generators for the time there was no power, and that was big money.  Anyhow been playing with a Kill-a-watt to try to determine exactly the cost of all devices and I found that the one I use the most is only 44W, a 15" MacBookPro, if you close the lid it is 4W, wow really green, I could even power it of a panel directly as it probably runs on DC anyhow.  The fridge is the biggest consumer at 224w, but it doesn't run all the time, only when you open the door it has been a long time since the last run.

I hope your not annoyed by the Amazon items, I just got the Associates thing and am kind of thrilled with how easy it works, besides somebody some day might actuall by these items off my blog, heck I might even buy that fridge when we finally move, as the $30 craigslist Gibson that we currently have, looks to be 20 years old, it has been with us for 10, and it looked very old when we got it. If it had occurred to me to order one online back then, who knows, we might have saved lots of effort moving this thing in a borrowed pickup.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

wow a month since my last post, it is so late at night that I get around doing this, geez, need time and more energy, exercise and perhaps to loose some weight.

Have had a great month!  Meetings, starting a business and doing whatever I want these days, my boss is on vacation :)

At LiLAX we had a good meeting, about 15 showed up, 2 speakers and Lox again, wow, I would have invited more of an audience if I knew, but I guess that I can't really grow the group that fast. During lunch I was thinking that with the recent price drops Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest Generation seems like a great buy now that it is $139. It does have the battery life and sunlight advantage over the iPad, which I don't use anymore, mostly because I spend my time on the MBP.

BTW, having tested making money with adsense, I have just put in that link above to try out the Amazon affiliate plan, although I doubt that it will be any better then the previous one, on my low traffic blog.  I have project that I might be able to collect $100 from the ads on this blog in 2012, I wish I would remember when I started ads on here, but rest assured, I am not doing will with this and will have to find employment to live, my blogger dream isn't working.

Watching NSFW in a separate window as I type this, they decided to compliment bomb someone, interesting idea.  BTW, the country in that link is Lybia: which then points to the actual website and the articule about babysitting.