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Sunday, October 10, 2010

wow a month since my last post, it is so late at night that I get around doing this, geez, need time and more energy, exercise and perhaps to loose some weight.

Have had a great month!  Meetings, starting a business and doing whatever I want these days, my boss is on vacation :)

At LiLAX we had a good meeting, about 15 showed up, 2 speakers and Lox again, wow, I would have invited more of an audience if I knew, but I guess that I can't really grow the group that fast. During lunch I was thinking that with the recent price drops Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest Generation seems like a great buy now that it is $139. It does have the battery life and sunlight advantage over the iPad, which I don't use anymore, mostly because I spend my time on the MBP.

BTW, having tested making money with adsense, I have just put in that link above to try out the Amazon affiliate plan, although I doubt that it will be any better then the previous one, on my low traffic blog.  I have project that I might be able to collect $100 from the ads on this blog in 2012, I wish I would remember when I started ads on here, but rest assured, I am not doing will with this and will have to find employment to live, my blogger dream isn't working.

Watching NSFW in a separate window as I type this, they decided to compliment bomb someone, interesting idea.  BTW, the country in that link is Lybia: which then points to the actual website and the articule about babysitting.

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Eric Hagerstrom said...

Interesting your website shows my VPN from China surfaces at Baltimore .