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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sleep depravation

Having to do a colo move, I have been up late at night moving servers from one colo to another, right now it is mostly a physical job, rather brainless, since I don't run the show. I keep shaking my head at the whole thing, as do my co-workers, but oh well. But working at night sucks, sleeping in the daytime is not easy here, or natural. I have many of the symptoms of sleep deprivation. The next guy up calls it torture on our calls now, and it is not pleasant to do this right now, but we should be done at the end of the month.

What really surprised me was finding 6 people willing to do this for free, I put a 4 hour ad in CraigsList for an intern, 6 people answered, things are bad out there.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Watched the blond woman U-Haul chase on KTLA today and got into looking at thier website, couldn't believe this billboard, wow, what bold advertising of an dating service, for married people.

Anyhow got a moment to rest this day, going to work tonight agan :(

Anyhow it was fun to look at the KTLA pics, amazing car:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slow NetFlix

I was having trouble seeing a NetFlix movie, but while downloading I still have left over bandwdith to SpeakEasy LA, hmm, maybe it is just a route, or NetFlix is saturated.
1/21 22:00 Last Result:
Download Speed: 2448 kbps (306 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 491 kbps (61.4 KB/sec transfer rate)

NY 6:53:
Download Speed: 2302 kbps (287.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 434 kbps (54.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

LA 6:56:
Download Speed: 4264 kbps (533 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 492 kbps (61.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Need to be a night person this week, we are doing some maintenance in the middle of the night :( really don't look forward to that. Going to work late now.

Blogger has a Scheduled outage at 4:00PM PST. Learn More, great way to let me know, that this will happen.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


After work I went to Yahoo's training room for a talk about RDF and Microformats, the room was pretty full, about 25 people and they had pizza, beer and wine outside, pretty neat. Good information about making your web info more formated so that you can get it into address book directly from the webpage or into iCal, link something, while making the search engine vote agains it, cool.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


After passing the group on to a new great guy, I get a call from Jim Gurol of Californiatelecom and get way to involved in the group again, but hey 23 showed up to a great case to switch to Linux expressed by Dan Kegel. Recorded in 2 29 min sets: 1 2. So YouTube disallowed my video for being too long, I uploaded it to DropBox 1 2, a great service, thanks LJ.
BT has solar panels in the parking lot that supply 15% of the building power, cool. They follow the sun east to west.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Braille Keyboards

I really like the idea of just feeling what key I am pressing without having to look, might improve reliability would like to test a Braille Keyboard, $65. I also noticed there was a touchless one for $370, but don't yet undrestand what that means, but it sounds kind of cool.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Economy 3.0

So we had our first meeting and it was interesting, the idea is to come up with the next cool model for a changing world one that is is recession or depression.

I ran into a cool website for LED bulbs, this is a company that makes replacement bulbs for all kinds of uses. Funny how you end up somewhere else surfing, like someone introduced me to lala, web music pretty neat.

I am reaching the conclusion that with the green movement pointing out to us the evils of industrialization, many of us sick of dealing or working for large companies, where you are under the 60 cycle florescent light for 8 hours plus however long it really takes you to get your job or hobby at work done that localization can solve some of these ills. That we might be more inclined to eat at our local eatery, instead of McD, buy at our neighborhood grocery store instead of Ralphs and perhaps if we get paid in local currency we would have to spend it locally. I see the advantage of the local city hall buying things with local currency, it gives the city funds they never have to replay, they didn't borrow the money, they simply printed it and spent it, or maybe it is electronic money to begin with, sweet, why can't Visa and MC handle more then one currency, wait they already do that. We can do interesting things.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mac Book Pro

I have had some great days, still on a pretty neat Mac, where I would like to play with bootcamp and try Ubuntu on it, hear it is the best Vista laptop from 2007, but who cares, that is proven, Ubuntu would be far more useful to me on an ongoing basis. Leopard is great, love it and it is the fastest booting and resuming laptop I have ever used. Stable as well, I don't have it crash hardly ever, but I do have iMail go bad on me from time to time, but then I guess it has something to do with all the switching internet connections that it suffers.

Speaking of which, I have been watching movies and mostly that works, but sometimes I get interrupted. I remember testing the T3, and it was substandard, this is a 803.11b WiFi connection to a 6Mb/s cable modem, not bad, but still less then advertised, but there is more traffic on the network, just seems less then it ought to be.

Download Speed: 3242 kbps (405.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 493 kbps (61.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

So Netflix is still great, but the mail movies do work better then the streaming instant ones.

Today I got a follow up call from Service Majic they are still trying to get more pros on their website. It seems like a real service, and I even got 2 quotes in trying it the other way around, having pros call me to do a wiring project, a bit pricey, both the service and the pros but I guess they are bonded and licensed and all that costs. Anyhow I am still too busy to play with it more, but seems like a way for maids, plumbers and perhaps PC repair men to get business.