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Monday, April 24, 2017

MS Linux

I went to a meetup about running bash on Windows and was pleased to see that Satya Nadella loves Linux and will support it.  Jessica Deen gave a talk about WSL which emulates a Linux kernel on the Windows kernel and allows you to apt-get install anything from the distro they are using, Ubuntu 14.04.  It loads binaries, not like Cygwin that recompiled the user-space to run in Windows and are all .EXE files.  This seems like less overhead than running a Linux kernel, but I haven't bench-marked it.  Maybe someday the Linux kernel can replace the Microsoft one and we will no longer need to make 2 drivers for all hardware.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

6% on savings up to $5K

I haven't tried this myself, but Michael did and seems to be happy: you ACH in $5k then transfer the $5k to the savings account and then you can ACH in more $ to use the card if you chose to do so. Only catch is is you must ACH in $800 every single month or direct deposit in $800 to keep earning the 6.03%.

From the FAQ:

How can we afford it?

Basically, we’ve shifted a big chunk of our marketing budget to paying our good customers instead of advertising channels – no TV or print ads. We think word of mouth is much better.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thanks RingPlus for a great value

So my free phone service with RingPlus is over I got migrated to Ting on 2/21 as they said it would happen.  Price on Ting is OK if you don't use your phone much, but it is great to have mobile data, so I am looking for a better deal.  Sprint currently has 5 lines for $90/month unlimited with roaming included, tempting.  MintSim a limited promo for $11.67 for 3 months, TextNow has a R+ porting instructions and an unlimited 2G starting at $13.99.  Cellphone service has so  many options it is confusing, but the winner for low usage is still FreedomPoP for $0/month you can get 200 Min of VoIP over your WiFi and data plan, which also has an additional 200 Meg, but with friends you can make that more.  Data speeds a pretty good and coverage is a bit lacking for voice as it runs over the data, so  you need to use a rather clunky FreedomPOP Messanger App to call.  FreedomPOP often has great deals on WiFi data as well.  And then there is a month of unlimited on AT&T network for $6.99, limit 3 on H2O SIM.  I ordered this, will let yon know once I use it, too many options right now, will stick with Ting for the free $35 intro they gave me for coming from RingPlus. I am surprised by how affordable a 4GB RAM 64 GB BLU Life ONE X2 is $179.99

Sunday, February 5, 2017

More free phone service

FP, free SIM cards. looks like they're going to feed off the dead Ring+ carcass.

To keep your Ringplus phone from becoming instantly obsolete without having to pay recurring charges or any calling requirements of any kind,

READ AND FOLLOW these steps. Do not skip, do not execute out of order, do not hesitate.
NOTE: This will NOT save your Ringplus number OR your top off there. The following instructions just keep your phone alive and provides continui g service without cost as you exit the sinking ship.

1. First swap out your the IMEI of your R+ phone with a dummy, or just CANCEL the R+ line altogether
2. Create VCC with BoA, Citi,, Kroger Visa/Mastercard money card, whatever

Then the usual procedure applies...
1. Register with FP, using NEW email address and VCC from BoA, Citi,, Kroger Visa/Mastercard money card, whatever
2. Downgrade both PLAN and SERVICES
3. Add $5 to top off and turn auto top off OFF to avoid being charged top off or being cancelled for overages in the future

Optional: Add "Freedompop Friends" to bring your free minutes and data allocation up to something useful.

Feel free to continue to use your phone, knowing that if you exceed your allocation your phone service will simply stop working until you add money or next month's allocation kicks in.  

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Free Surfing 3.0 over at RingPlus

I just got an email last month to let me know that my great ad supported RingPlus plan was coming to and end, so I did nothing until yesterday when the 7 day holding plan also ended, however the Bottomless Mad Bottomless Orange Upgrade for $9.99 is not a bad choice as it is unlimited and now there are no ads on the outgoing calls.  Process was really easy and there was no interruption on service.  There are still 3 free plans, but not as generous as the old one was.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Signup was painless and took 20 min, mostly cut and paste from LinkedIN for me.  I got a call from them the next day offering an enhanced service, but it was mostly an informative call about completing my profile with a Bio and I found out they are a small startup in Charlottesville VA with about 30 people and Ross was recruited from the site itself, yay it works.  I haven't yet signed up for the enhanced services, due to a pending job application, however this was recommended to me by Micheal and I will definitely leave my post out there until I run out of billable hours.  The site is at ~300K users now and growing fast, they are on target for a million next year, according to Ross.  Now to see if I get any hits without the "enhanced services."

Saturday, August 20, 2016

RingPlus First Clubhouse opening (Event)

I got talked into this R+ thing by my crazy fregan friend who was as I on Fi, a great carrier for travel. I have used R+ for 2 months and the coverage Sprint gives me is adequate for my needs, the data is great and the voice sucks on some calls due to bad routing at Sprint for 3rd party calls, I had the same issue on Fi.

I went to NOLA Restaurant & Bar
 in Palo Alto to the RingPlus Clubhouse event and had a beer with Karl the CEO.

RingPlus was offering the Club Sandwich Free Plan Free/mo. 6,000 Talk, 6,000 SMS, 6,000 MMS, and 6,000 MB LTE at RingPlus event. I talked to the Karl, who promptly and openly answered all my questions about growth, prospects and business model.

They have 17 employees and 160000 subscribers.  I even met a 4 year long subscriber at the event.  Everyone seems to be happy with this deal, but the big question for something like this is how long can they survive on ad revenue?  I was assured that this business model is working for them and they have interest in the ad inventory on the ringtone so Karl sees a sustainable business.

I rather think that it would be cool if Karl did some Crazy Eddie style commercials on YouTube to help spread the word.  However this might be more for the community to do, as they are pretty much not advertizing that they exist and rely on social media to spread the word. In fact I am fulfilling my social media requirement right now, by posting this. However they don't seem to censor the boards they got where  users help other users or ask questions of the staff.  In the end we all win, advertisers,  R+ and the users.

If you are in Los Angeles, they are doing another Clubhouse. This time they are offering: Free/mo. 6,650 Talk, 6,650 SMS, 6,650 MMS, and 6,650 MB Full-Speed 4G LTE Data on new activations.

Sunday August 21th, 6:30pm-8:30pm 
DeSano Pizza
4959 Santa Monica Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90029