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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Commuter Bicycle

I have been looking for a cheap used commuter bike for a long time, but they are not for sale often and go quickly.  I think SlickDeals found what I need: Columbia 700C Archbar Men's Bicycle at Sam's Club, but I don't have a membership :(, they do however ship for free.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fake EKEN H8R?

The EKEN FaceBook page doesn't have the same firmware as my camera, I will have to ask support@EKEN.  As the Settings show: 


 and there isn't such a firmware on the EKEN page The 3rd line P3D7AX_171107 does conform to the EKEN naming. The FTP site doesn't let you list the firmware versions so there is no way of telling if this is a real EKEN H8R :(

Sunday, December 17, 2017

#100Hacks for Puerto Rico

100 Hacks is proud to host our second hackathon, #100Hacks for Puerto Rico, sponsored by Anaplan.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Free year of Sprint cellphone

If you are on any carrier in the US and have an unlocked phone with a post paid account you can switch to Sprint for a free year of service until 11/30.  Just enter your MEID and current phone number to test if you qualify.  Get free forever, or until bankruptcy, like with RingPlus on FreedomPoP, which will be on Sprint or AT&T.  Verizon doesn't discount much.  If you don't have a phone Virgin Mobile is offering a $1 if you buy one, also unlimited for 6 months.* T-mobile gives free Netflix.

*Offer ends 9/30/17. Excludes taxes. Regular rate of $50/month applies after promotional service period. Only with AutoPay. iPhone is locked for a year to Virgin, if you unlock it it isn't welcome to work on Virgin anymore. If you buy your Inner Circle phone from Apple it isn't locked, but you can still get the $1/year offer.

PS my first bill arrived for $63.73, seems that in the porting issues somehow I have ended up on the paid plan, rather than free.  I am assured that in 3-5 days all will be well :)  Keep in mind that I brought my own phone and SIM and also seem to have violated the web onlyness of this offer.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Best Buy, Google, Huawei please fix my Nexus 6P

Yesterday I get a hangouts call and answer it on my trusty Nexus 6P that I bought as a referb with warranty from Best Buy on eBay about a year ago.  I remember thinking I needed to return it as it sometimes rebooted on me and had issues charging, but other then some quick reboots and not being able to charge on low power USB it worked great for about a year.  Then on Saturday I get the worst Hangouts call ever, first trouble hearing me on the other side then a reboot which ended up in a loop.  I try to press some buttons to get out of it and finally try power volume down and am able to enter a screen that at least gives me power off, meanwhile I was reading that there is a solution to the bootloop issue on XDA-developers from XCnathan32 albeit by disabling 4 cores, sounds like better than a brick though, so I try to do this, however my bootloader is locked and I am unable to flash the phone.  I also see some solutions involving temperature and rebooting often that might be able to temporarily get in by fixing the hardware issue.  Maybe if I take advantage of the fact that the screen is coming off the phone and actually get in I might see where the bad connections are?  Or is it an issue with the heat off a 810, who knows, why does the hair dryer help on some phones.  In any event there are plenty of pissed off customers and there is a class action lawsuit in the works, but I had to move my SIM to a N95 phone, which has stud the test of time, I guess Nokia did build quality hardware, although the S60 OS is now so dated and the phone was never really that useful compared to a modern cellphone.  Not sure what I will buy next while I figure out how to get Huawei to fix my phone as I feel they are at fault for producing hardware that fails, but the jury in the lawsuit I guess will decide that one as Google and Huawei seem to be pointing fingers at each other.  If only Google would sign the fix that disables some cores it would make things easier for me to get my phone working.  Meanwhile please sign the petition so that we can fix our bricked Nexus 6P if Google cares at all about this hardware and isn't just trying to sell a Pixel to all us bricked 6P users.  It isn't time for a new phone for me, this one was great back when it worked and should be good for another few years.  I need to write some letters to these companies CEOs.

Monday, April 24, 2017

MS Linux

I went to a meetup about running bash on Windows and was pleased to see that Satya Nadella loves Linux and will support it.  Jessica Deen gave a talk about WSL which emulates a Linux kernel on the Windows kernel and allows you to apt-get install anything from the distro they are using, Ubuntu 14.04.  It loads binaries, not like Cygwin that recompiled the user-space to run in Windows and are all .EXE files.  This seems like less overhead than running a Linux kernel, but I haven't bench-marked it.  Maybe someday the Linux kernel can replace the Microsoft one and we will no longer need to make 2 drivers for all hardware.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

6% on savings up to $5K

I haven't tried this myself, but Michael did and seems to be happy: you ACH in $5k then transfer the $5k to the savings account and then you can ACH in more $ to use the card if you chose to do so. Only catch is is you must ACH in $800 every single month or direct deposit in $800 to keep earning the 6.03%.

From the FAQ:

How can we afford it?

Basically, we’ve shifted a big chunk of our marketing budget to paying our good customers instead of advertising channels – no TV or print ads. We think word of mouth is much better.