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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Economy 3.0

So we had our first meeting and it was interesting, the idea is to come up with the next cool model for a changing world one that is is recession or depression.

I ran into a cool website for LED bulbs, this is a company that makes replacement bulbs for all kinds of uses. Funny how you end up somewhere else surfing, like someone introduced me to lala, web music pretty neat.

I am reaching the conclusion that with the green movement pointing out to us the evils of industrialization, many of us sick of dealing or working for large companies, where you are under the 60 cycle florescent light for 8 hours plus however long it really takes you to get your job or hobby at work done that localization can solve some of these ills. That we might be more inclined to eat at our local eatery, instead of McD, buy at our neighborhood grocery store instead of Ralphs and perhaps if we get paid in local currency we would have to spend it locally. I see the advantage of the local city hall buying things with local currency, it gives the city funds they never have to replay, they didn't borrow the money, they simply printed it and spent it, or maybe it is electronic money to begin with, sweet, why can't Visa and MC handle more then one currency, wait they already do that. We can do interesting things.


Eric Hagerstrom said...

Globalization vs localization is not an either/or any more than industrial vs agrarian economies are good/evil. It takes one to allow the other. Telecommunications allows telecommuting. Mom and pop vs big box distribution systems require us to accept a lower standard of living. Not all of us want to slow down and have less competition in production or consumption. A universal green movement is no more achievable than communism or an Islamic caliphate. But plenty of blood and tears can be shed trying.

Anonymous said...


If your going to use the Economy 3.0 brand that's fine. However please don't associate it with controversial phrases like "evils of industrialization".

Industrialization (the essence of economy 2.0) has brought us a massive amount of inexpensive, readily obtainable electronics which will allow Economy 3.0 to flourish.

You are absolutely correct that localization is critical to solving many of the problems we experience in Southern California and many other major metropolitan areas.

Anonymous said...


Very wise words. You are spot on. One hand washes the other.


Take his comments to heart. They are very true.

Anonymous said...

@Eric and others reading this blog post

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm pushing for a completely green life etc. I am trying to take the advantages of economies of scale, telecommuting etc etc and use it in new ways.

I should have recorded the meeting on Saturday. Expect more blog posts on what Economy 3.0 is and how everyone can participate.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that LED lights is becoming more available and more affordable.