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Sunday, October 12, 2008

the machine is using us

Some weekends I end up on ch 6 on TWC and there is a great feed from CSUDH which has classes broadcast on TV. Very educational, today I am seeing some kind of psychology class which is into the web and modern times how we get influenced by things, very interesting, I really enjoyed a great video about the web which I wanted to share with you:

This is very much the sites I use every day, give to me fast and furious.  Nice.  This weekend I missed going to MerbCamp and yet I ended up staying home to please someone important to me, went to a very large baby stuff store, and 2 supermarkets, we have too much food at home, oh well, maybe this is the week that the economy falls apart and we have to start hording before money is meaningless.  Perhaps we will trade in goods in the future again.  So I get a Skype from Charles ringing on my phone, but lucky I got to call back, he is on his Blackberry finally using his EDGE on the computer.

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