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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Got rid of the fish tank yesterday, give it to George, he was happy to have it, but called me last night for help, yea right, I was in Irvine, worst called me on the old cellphone, the one ending in 9750, not mine anymore. Still have to get rid of more stuff, this place needs to be clear soon, have another person moving in and it is amazing how much space little people talk. So how do you et rid of stuff is again in my plate, I hate to toss this all in the trash, it works, and recycling is hard, but who needs a DiskMan or DSL filters?  USB cord, phone cords? 26VAC, .25A power brick with out a connector, the devices were shipped to China.
This morning I have tried to short and buy AAPL, none filled, but while I am waiting for the cable guy to come take CNBC away from me and internet access, what a headache I have, trying to settle things before I go off the grid.  I heard that we get our office T3 on Wednesday, end of business, finally Cogent has been slow, but I guess being in an off network building as they call it we don't get the advantage of being lit fast.  I think however they are willing to come into our building with a T3 as they will probably simply use it if we don't pay for it to sell it to other tenants or divide it in several bits and sell it to others to hold clients until they can bring fiber in, and I suspect that our 2 buildings have enough tenants to make a great target to get new clients.  They tell me they need $5000 in business to light up a building.  I really like the idea they have of bringing in a fiber and then distributing it via ethernet to the tenants so they can sell $6/megabit, but so far we are paying 10 times that, as we don't have the building lit yet, too bad, maybe someday.

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