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Friday, December 31, 2010

Google Voice on S60, cheap Android plan

Samsung Intercept is sweet, and paying VirginMobile $25/month for 300min, unlimited SMS and data is sweet.  In fact I like the Andriod 2.1 so much I signed up for kickbacks, so you can get 60 free min when you sign up.  Virgins email:
Hey guys, check out Virgin Mobile’s phones & plans at If you buy one of their phones, make sure you activate it online and enter my Kickbacks Code:
kYQnJLpt. That way WE’LL BOTH GET 60 MINUTES OF BONUS AIRTIME as soon as you add $20 to your account! Thanks!!
I haven't put this out much yet, but got 2 referral bonuses from a coupon site and Twitter so far, so it is working :) so please do use my code: kYQnJLpt for your free 60 min, if you decided to sign up. I wish I had found a working when when I signed up, but the deal is good enough for me, 300 min is plenty, I am usually home anyhow using Google Voice. I was able to make that my phone number, I can now get my outgoing caller ID to match the GV number, something that wasn't possible on S60 N95 before, as I don't have a GV app for that phone, however BDC makes a GV, as well as Google for maps.  After I want to discontinue the phone I realize there are cool apps for the N95, Fring is a must have for IM.

PS: $10 Kickbacks airtime bonus for referring a friend to Virgin Mobile!, 20 Kickbacks airtime bonus for referring a friend to Virgin Mobile!

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