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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I haven't done much on the job hunting side this week, feel a bit burned out, but ended up finding 3 leads at the LOPSA Chef (mt) talk.  Florian of is going to be giving a Chef training in April, probably a whole day if his last one is any indication.

Sold some WISP access, seems lika fun thing to do to get out of the office and most of all away from the computer, something I have been trying to do to restore some balance in my life.  I need to sign up more people for sales/install as the market is huge and underserved.  I especially need partners in the areas that have no competition, but can be served from a nearby community.

I am incentivized to keep blogging, I am a penny away from this paying out to me.  I probably put ads on my blog about 3 years ago, so as you can see, people who come here don't see the ads, much less click on them.  I would probably do much better with another audience.

I am starting to get an idea of that Linux Mercenaries is a guild of SysAdmins we help each other find work and health insurance, collect 10%, which contributes to your equity in the guild to fund ourselves.

Bandwidth testing AT&T again on 2 WiFi APs: 2.55/.42ping37ms on my 2wire vs. 2.55/.42ping36ms on Meraki on roof, i get 1.95/.41ping53ms while Netflix is doing SD video, which suggest that N uses .6 Mbits. 2.51/.39Mb/s37ms while talking on Skype with Codec SILK_MB_V3, amazing low, I will have to put a machine between my 2wire and the bandwidth users to find a better way to measure this.

Was reading the manual for the Intercept. Seems pretty easy to enter the google account and all your contacts are there :)

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