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Friday, February 22, 2008


Does anyone still recognize a EISA bus? I don't see any, but got this Intel EILA8225 ethernet card with 10base2, 10baseT and AUI that might be useful to someone fixing an old server, but not to me. Trouble is finding someone who needs strange things like this. A museum perhaps?

I keep not updating my resume with all the things that I can do. I thought this morning that having grown up in a business where merchandise was sold on credit means that we always had to evaluate the credit worthiness of the borrower. I was adviser to the president of the company all the time, not only in matters of technology, but it extended to other things. I was younger and foolish, but I have thought about many of these issues over the years. I was a consultant to many companies and still listen to problems and advise. I don't work nearly as hard as I did back then, I was working at the ICDA, going out of the house every day, then going to college, sitting in what were very boring classes to me, this was where I first read while listening to a lecture, I keep doing that today, I have the TV on CNBC while writing this, scanning for news, listening the the general mood of the market, I even fast forward over commercials, they add nothing, too much of the same.

So I have ads on my blog, and I am listing many items in my home that I would like to recycle, maybe sell. If you look at my very first post, you will see that although I share lots about myself and what I learn in this blog, I did start it originally because I ended up with lots of stuff after going to David's house to pickup a router.

I just looked, this blog is a year old now! I made my first post Febuary 17 with this list of stuff some is gone by Amazon, some was given away and some is still lingering:
  • EtherFast Cable/DSL Router Model BEFSR41 (missing 5v Power Supply 3 prong triangle plug.)
  • PCI WiFi: D-Link AirPlusXtremeG DWL-G520, 2x DWL-520+, 2x Broadcom BCM4306KFB
  • EtherFast 10/100 Auto-Sensing 8-Port Workgroup Hub Model No. EFAH08W, missing DC Input power supply.
  • D-Link wireless broadband router Print server parrallel, serial, DI-713P, power is missing top, but works.
  • 3 Port USB 2.0 PCI Interface Card.
  • 10x 26VAC power supplies.
  • USB HUB Self-powered Hub UH-144
  • Ether H5 Ethernet Hub Model No. Ether-H5, missing power supply.
  • Nokia 3650
So I invest and use to list some stocks I own and some that others have advised me on, to track their performance. Problem is I use the sort function to see which stock is hurting me the most on a given day, but it isn't working, the sort is broken, test it, comment if you have the same problem. I ended up posting this here, because I couldn't find a quick place to tell them. I did find the finance blog.

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Anonymous said...

You titled the post interview, but you didn't talk about any interview in the post. Silly title.

Good post though.