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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

SoCal .Net dinner in El Segundo

Eleven people showed up and drank mostly beer at 123 Main St, The Tavern at Main, a nice location with too many large screen TVs, could work as monitors, not many people on a Tuesday night and free WiFi, great location for a geek dinner. I guess you bring a VGA cable and try to use a monitor for your projector, but Geof did bring a projector too. Just no surface to point it at. Woody was there, I discovered his Twitter woodyp and followed him, he has cool stuff to day in person, but his blog is rather dead. The waiter was thrilled that we all had name tags, for the separate checks, a pint of Guinnes is $5 there, just like the Pilsner room where UUASC OC meets after the meeting. I wonder where Geoff will take this group. Might be nice to have a meeting about VS2008, I would look forward to that. Anyhow good times, there will be a SoCal road show next month, I wish I had a pen, didn't write down that thing, it hasn't been blogged or twittered by Woody, it is invisible to me right now, give me something to google. Speaking of Yahoo, I brought up the subject and Woody is very passionate about not messing up Flickr, I agree, what a great site. Today I learned how to highlight a word, right-click it to Search google it and then you have a new window with the search, FireFox is great.

Rainy day, very unusual here.


Anonymous said...

you should say hi next time you are on Main st.

Allen of Aqua

Anonymous said...

hey Ralf, what is socal .net dinner? Is this a new discovery of yet another linux user group? How come I was not emailed? BTW its Mike!