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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Need video cards?

I really like these Google maps, they can be pasted in anywhere, they are interactive, cool.
View Larger MapFirst picture is of an AGP 1997 STB Systems, Inc, 1X0-0620-305 6000736 210-0275-00X Mexico, VGA This morning someone actually bought an old Creative Labs DI5630 Modem Blaster Flash 56K Modem [Electronics] off of my Amazon listing. I was hopeful about selling old cards, but this was a very good price. I am of course shipping today as I will be close to Kinkos for an interview. I hate tossing things that work in the trash, I thought it costs nothing to list and what the heck, maybe someone can use this stuff. I also need to practice for a client, he is going to have me sell furniture on-line, so I regard this as a learning experience that pays. So if anyone needs video cards I have a few in stock.

AGP S3 Trio 3D/2X on Board QCE2HC Taiwan.

So there they are my video cards, probably have more out there, might add them to this post later. Please feel free to email me or call if you need one. I guess that puts the interesting idea of putting my phone and email on this blog. Hmmm... my email is the blog name at, hopefully bots can't figure that one out, not that the email address isn't already on all kinds of lists.

Number Nine NND 9750 CH03563 Korea 32800700-12731-813-0271 Revolution 3D WRAM 8MB AGP.

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