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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Swap to old HD

Some of you may remember that when XP back in October on Wednesday after what I presume was a update Tuesday my XP wouldn't let me type my password anymore, locking me out. I decided yesterday to connect the old HD again and try to revisit that problem. Well first of all, it boots right into Ubuntu 7.04, a apt-get dist-upgrade, I of course didn't remember the password for that either, but a bit of trying and finally I hit it and there are first 34, then 101 updates available, ignore them for now, maybe I will blow this entire HD, since it now hosts broken Windows XP and outdated Ubuntu, I thought I would fix it. I fist ignore the update request, but today I boot back into it, accept the update offer, and notice a dist-upgrade offer right there on the GUI update manager. I can work while I install Ubuntu, I can dist-upgrade right there from the GUI, I think I may be moving some people to this, they are really delivering on promises that I told people 2 years ago when I did the Maco slide deck at LiLAX for the first time. Dell ships Ubuntu on computers now, 2009 could actually be the year of the Linux desktop.

In looking for something else I find that DSL is the Dominican Summer League. I always get interested when I see something of the island I grew up on. I was reminiscing today about the Italian Christopher Columbus movie that was filmed in Las Terrenas, North Samana peninsula, Hispaniola and the crazy Jerry who took of to Italy with the film crew only to return years later not speaking any Spanish anymore on a one-way ticket he tought was a return ticket. I will have to talk to this guy someday again, when I am traveling. Long time ago.

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