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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

no time

I have been sleeping without a clock in the bedroom the last few nights, I was cleaning, unplugged it and got the lame idea of selling the $5 clock radio on Amazon, but couldn't find a listing for it. Anyhow today I reconnected it and set it to 4 AM so that JJ doesn't get the wrong idea about waking up too early, like I just did. Not sure why I have been sleepless again in a Wednesday, often I wake up really early that day. Today I was remembering the very long day I had at work and the fact that I need to send them an invoice. This is something I need to program something for. In the days I used to do dBase I had a program that would take my time and * rate, print get paid. Now days I need all kinds of stuff like an interface to the Skype API since some of my stuff comes from there, probably want a live start stop app that I can run from a sh so I don't have to use paper anymore, comments in there would be nice as well. A google brings me to TimeSlips, but do I want to buy something? Probably just want to program it or find an interesting open source app. But did an open source guy develop something to bill? It might just not be something they would have developed.

I have this TV JJ wants gone, it is the only VCR in the house that works, haven't tested the free garage sale one, but it is probably broken. Anyhow, I listed it on Amazon 3 times now, the darn thing always sells for $10 more each time. Problem is no shipping carton means that I can't get the thing shipped far, yet again someone ignored my instructions and wants it moved 239 miles from here.
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