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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

eary wednesday

I don't understand but typically I wakeup very early on Wednesday, strange. Last night I drew out my strategy for this computer. Windows XP failed, so I will fix it, but first have to backup the Documents and Settings directory, as I don't want to loose that. A total reinstall, might be a good time for a backup. I have always wondered if I could get a home directory in Windows to move from one drive to another, this might be the time to figure that out. The picture is of sunset on the beach, right before we went to pickup the car, click run... nice times, so short, meanwhile my backup idea is getting messed up: $LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0), yea, when the Update gave me a choice to put in the Product Key, well, as you know the keyboard doesn't work, I had to turn off the system.

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