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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Farmer's Market

Since my neighbor Stephan didn't have time and my wife had other plans for me, I got taken away Saturday morning from the idea of going to OCLUG to collect a remote for the Tivo and distribute USENIX info to a compromise of going to the Santa Monica Farmer's market first and then the meeting about ATK Framework. Jorge Garifuna a frequent speaker at LAMPsig did a great marketing presentation on how easy and quick you can do things in ATK. ATK's website: "ATK is a business framework. It is written in PHP, and allows you to build web applications with minimal amounts of code. The only code you write is business logic." One plus of this was I managed to book Jorge to speak at LiLAX, at his own request. I still help to fill the speaker queue.

Some vendor was having a Kodak moment with his kid, I took his picture and emailed it to him at, but it bounced. I got to say that email from a cellphone has not worked very well for me. At another booth I had many samples of cheese fed, we eventually settled in a rather mild one, but JJ likes it. I would have gone for something sharp.

I learned how things used to be preserved in olive oil in jars before refrigerations was available, interesting concept. I knew about salting meat to preserve it.

Today I woke up with a soar throat. So still in bed typing on the old laptop, wifi is great. Didn't register a fever yet, but feel like it is coming.

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