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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Full day

Turns out I had a dentist appointment I had to cancel, lots of calls this morning, remotely installing a Linux server in Texas, I was on a Windows machine burning CDs and someone brought the server in and installed CentOS from them on there, interesting how you can teach and get things done 4 states over, just glad I didn't have to jump on a plane.

Also helped out my Neighbor by going to Glendale with him for his barber certification exam. I had no idea that the state ran a hair salon/barber testing place where the issue licenses to barbers, or that my barber didn't have such a thing, the fine for not having it is $1000, wow. Anyhow now he is fully licensed. Lucky guy too, he didn't read the instructions completely and almost got rejected for not taking the written test earlier.

So you arrive at this place, and they are really anal about not having cellphones or cameras there. He went to some computer farm for the written test. Then we went to a station for a shave and haircut. Can't believe this took 2 hours! Even had to rent a kit before all of this for $60 to get the haircutting supplies. It was interesting to see something completely different from what I do. Anyhow he passed, and we sped back to El Segundo, some talking on the cellphone while driving, missed exits and general aimless driving, too late, had to drive to Torrance for the breastfeeding class, I got there in time, thank goodness, she wouldn't have been happy otherwise.

So breastfeeding class was another new and completely different thing for me as well. The bright spot about it was the comedy of errors at the end of the class, really like a comedian, the instructor went through a scenario of having a baby, taking her home and asked us to write down all the things that were done wrong in her scenario.

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