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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

MacWorld, MacCamp

I am looking into going to MacWorld on Jan. 14th. Jacques called this morning to say that he managed to setup his appointments in SF to coincide with that day, cool. He is a big Apple fan, has bought, as far as I have seen the MacBook, iMac, iPhone and stock in the company. I own the stock, but no products right now, but I have to say that seeing how the stock goes up and how well the Apple stores do, I do feel tempted to change my whole life to Mac, but at what cost? No maybe next year, Oh wait, this is '08, hmmm.... would it help me enough to justify the price tag, since right now I have an N95, XP, Ubuntu and don't really need it, but the times I have used an Apple it makes everything so easy, would hope that this way I can concentrate on doing more productive stuff, reinstalling XP really hurt me last time in my productivity, to the point that I bought a Maxtor OneTouch III drive to do backups, yes I was lacking and still am a backup of my old drive, not that the data is lost, I just haven't bothered to fix Windows and get it out of there. Google has been a great help in storing lots of stuff for me online to the point where I don't feel as lost without my desktop computer. It also allows me to switch OSs without a big loss in data. But just what I need, another OS in the mix, one that I have used often, but don't consider a core competency, I am more versed in Ubuntu, XP, and CentOS. I used to use many more, but these are the ones I have settled on. Gentoo is one that I want to play with more, but it takes time, OS X doesn't.

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