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Thursday, January 17, 2008


This is funny, in 2000 I stared a job that paid well, then the market tanked and I was busy working, lost my shirt in the meantime. I got to pay attention this time around. Today I bought some more BIDU, and it is loosing money for me, what the heck? Does our rescission affect China? It does in that we won't be buying as much and due to a weak dollar can start exporting, but won't the Chinese buy their own products now that they are wealthier? Is the US bringing down all wold markets? Interesting times, hope it all turns out right. Would be nice if the troops came home from Iraq and did something productive. Let us invest that money in something that benefits us.

So I search in eBay for a monitor, to find completed sales prices and see this interesting very well filled with pictures post for using your computer to watch TV. It sold for 9.99 and you save lots of money, hmmm.... Joost or Miro? Can't really tell what the underlying services is, maybe it is Bit Torrent.

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