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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Naked Cowboy

Sometimes we create noise to quiet the silence, today the first day of the year it is pretty quiet, I like that, but sometimes I feel, give me more input, so I turn on the TV, flip up to channel 13 and see a Naked Cowboy hat in court, this must be good, he is telling the judge his side and his girlfriend is telling hers. I was amazed at how understanding a judge was about his lifestyle defending it in part and trying to uphold her needs too. In the end she ruled that they can both work it out and they should spit the filling fee for the court. I guess that this is really great publicity for the Naked Cowboy, tune in on I see that old SDTV is on the way out, better sell the 2 old receivers while they are still worth something, I am ready to move on to digital, have one monitor that gets that.

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