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Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have been making progress on creating space here by selling stuff on Amazon, the DVD/VCR was the first to go, paid UPS 11 in shipping to Yorba Linda CA, after spending 20 mins in line at the post office only to have 3 agents go to lunch on me, I was at the front of the line and left in disgust, went to TheUPSStore next door and not only were they cheaper, there was no line and they were very cordial and helpful. So I created an online account and tried to print the next package, a CD changer, it didn't quite work out as the printer ink had dried out, oh well, write down the tracking number, they wouldn't print with that I filled it out by hand and after the LiLAX meeting shipped it out. This was last weekend, but I have been way to busy to blog. I then next sold the 750 GB drive I got at a great price and decided to list on Amazon, unfortunately it sold too, at a good price, it seems that Amazon gets you more for your goods then eBay. Of course these were all newish in the box items, maybe eBay is for the used stuff. Amazon keeps more, but since they make it so easy it is probably worth the extra price for less hassle. The only item I was happy to get rid of I didn't ship a 20" TV/VCR that is in great condition, but I had no packing material for, I returned the purchase price $129+33 shipping to the buyer, and still have to sell the item, are you in El Segundo in need of a TV?

The next item goes out of California to Maryland, could ship with a fiend who is here and can get it there, 26 miles from his home, but I guess in the cold Winter that won't happen.

I also have a HP A1097C in the kitchen, it is a very old 19" monitor that works great, but isn't easy to connect. It has a separate RGB cables and I have a converter to VGA kind of plug, but still it needs a very special TI chip in the Matrox Millenium card, I have 3 of those that makes it shine. I once spent a week getting this to work, not full time, but you get the picture, well it took me a week to get a picture on this SyncOnGreen monitor. Something else that needs to go, even though it has a great picture. Today I was contemplating connecting it to TWC's Explorer 8000HD through the YPbPr connector, but I suspect that since RGB is simply it gives you 3 colors vs. YPbPr seems to be lumina and some differences in colors that make up the other 2 signals, goofy way that NTSC works I guess. Haven't had time to digest all this WikiMedia info.

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