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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a day at work

Today I am disconnected sitting in a conference room of a Java study group for which I didn't read the book. But it is interesting to see this from the outside. Nine bright people, although some of them are clearly falling asleep are talking about some very advanced programming subjects. I was rather impressed with the concept of software archeology.

This was the first full day I was working out of my office. I actually spent a whole day at a office with others, learning about all kinds of arcane things. I hear that openVZ is better then XEN. So darn, I still have that free voucher for training. This morning I got a really neat Dell with 2 gigs of RAM. I should probably sell all my home systems, because after getting spoiled I wouldn't be able to use these anymore.

This is bizarre, blogging to a computer with no internet connection.

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