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Saturday, January 5, 2008


It is amazing how many things are starting to move in the new year, I am starting 3 companies it seems. Known Enterprises wants me to work with them on VoIP, CallPCTech, is not paying and can't be reached, SocialMixr seems to be biding its time to fix and launch Frenemies, but real soon now, the holidays are over, we are back to work. I didn't do my yearly MerryChristmas and a happy new year outreach email, so darn, am I waiting a year or just doing it? This is how I prune my address book of all those people you meet and loose touch with. I still have job leads sitting on my desk that I didn't follow up on, I guess that goes first, need money.

MS Visual Studio 2008 is sitting on my desk and I may be going to more .NET events to keep up with that segment of the market, need some more powerful hardware to test this all out. Still waiting for a laptop that was promised. I probably have to hurry it up before the warranty expires and can't be fixed.

Thinking back on the past week, I went to breakfast yesterday in MontereyPark, one of those places that you might as well be in Beijing.

Jacques thought this morning that the Neuros digital storage was really cool. Hmm, nothing you can't do with your old VCR/DVD player and a computer running Myth, who knows maybe that is what is inside. We buy so many devices because we don't know what our computers can do, sometimes all it takes is free software.

I may have blogged about the Chinese iPhone, I finally found the picture I took. This thing actually works very well, too bad it has the corporate logo of a company in the US. Or is the Apple bitten on the wrong side? Nope, just checked, same on the real Apple.

I didn't have it very long, unfortunately didn't get to test extensively, but it does work and has 2 SIM slots. Felt more flimsy, but it is, no doubt much cheaper.

After breakfast we went shopping and I found this gem for a buck at the 99 Ranch Market, together with .99 compact florescent bulbs, all subsidized by the electric company. Great stuff, little desk lamp only uses 1.5W and it has a compartment for batteries, you might as well put them in as it is too light otherwise.

Meanwhile the market is falling and all the bulls are getting poor, darn, I am bull, hats off to you bears, you must be happy these days. AAPL is so cheap, wow, but do I dare buy more? C is cheap, GE loosing me 2%, darn, could have bought cheaper, but who knew that is would be such a bearish year. ETFC is a complete desaster. This isn't any fun, I sometimes fell like cashing out and getting going short.

Watching Robbie Zach, Pres. of MS Entertainment and devices division talk about the Zune, seems they want to be the legitimate play behind Apple right now and he thinks that someday they could dominate, this as Apple is taking OS market share, I just read that Apple went from 4.21% in Jan 2006 to 7.31% in December 2007 that is some amazing growth. It is amazing that the iPhone shows as forth on this market share for OSs graph. I could see how a small amout of them might make a big splash, after all something in your hand can be used in the train or meetings, you would use it more then a desktop. I think that this blog has chewed up a whole hour of my time today, no wonder I don't get any income, I do things for free all the time, like this, the ad sense is up to 23.77, but what does that mean if I were to know how many hours I have spent doing my blog? pennies on the hour I bet. I think I probably should start keeping track of the time I spend typing this blog.

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