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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

parrot flu

So I am watching DayBreak OC, on TWC19 and they are talking about a flu like disease that can be contracted from parrots. I didn't choose this channel at 6 in the morning, I just happened on it as I was tossing in bed with a headache and what appears to be sinus trouble. Yesterday I was with a person who had parrots at home and had flu like symptoms at the office. We also visited 6' tall twins that were moving to Arizona, because they found affordable housing and clean air there. I am told they both contracted some ailment in the LA area around the same time. I have often thought that I won't live long if I stay in this town too. I am between a refinery, airport, sewage plan and 3 power plants. This can't be good for my health.

So then I moved on to CNBC and Cramer is hanging out with Queen Latifah and the co-stars of Mad Money, the movie. Opens Friday, I will have to use my MS free movie pass for this. Yesterday I signed up for an IIS lauch event and didn't make it, rather unhappy about not having the time, usually don't miss RSVPed events, but things have just been too busy here. Way behind blogging, uploading pictures and all that. Sold another item on Amazon, last night filled out the shipping label, by hand, see post about printer and I got to say that having a UPS shipping account is worth it. Really speeds things up. I can just fill out the form, drop it in a truck, or ask for a pickup, after all the truck comes to my street pretty much every day, there is a store 2 blocks from here, I will UPS all this clutter out of here, is someone will buy it from me. I shipped out the CD changer on Monday. Have sold my new 750 gig external, shipping today, I am learning how to do e commerce because I have a client that wants to go sell on the web, Katmandu Furniture. Actually they want to partner with me in the e commerce since they don't have any idea of how to sell online, it is a young business with aggressive pricing and a lousy website that I had nothing to do with so far.

So some of the things I still need to get rid of:

  • Sharp 20" color TV or JVC 20" TV/VCR both work great, but too many of them
  • EtherFast 10/100 Auto-Sensing 8-Port Workgroup Hub Model No. EFAH08W, missing DC Input power supply.
  • 3 Port USB 2.0 PCI Interface Card.
  • 10x 26VAC power supplies.
  • USB HUB Self-powered Hub UH-144
  • more stuff later

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