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Saturday, April 19, 2008


I am watching the Colbert Report and his the word segment is pretty cool, you have someone talking and someone writing things on the screen. We could have lots of fun with that at LiLAX or UUASC meetings. Maybe if we get an IRC channel going during a meeting the audience can write stuff up on the screen while the speaker is talking, could be interesting. Or even if someone transcribes what the speaker is saying live, it would get our meetings a broader audience. Something to think about.

Today we have competing meetings LAMPsig is about FLEX and there is a Microsoft Irvine meeting about MS SQL. Hmmm, probably not worth the drive to Irvine.

Yesterday I get another call off my YouTube video about me doing Asterisk, VoIP consulting. It is a startup that wants me to architect a system to do 20 outgoing calls per second. I am rather excited about the startup and the idea of doing some Asterisk programming. I will probably ask for help from Solomon and Charles but this could be interesting, I had a good talk with the coCEO.

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