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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I am trying to sell an iPhone new in the box for $399, no tax, but no takers yet either. I was hoping to get it cheaper, so I could resell it at a nice profit, but darn, no takers yet. Meanwhile I found this really cool blender company that will blend anything to tell them too, someone asked then to blend an iPhone and they did. The pulverized a working iPhone and filmed it, wow.

Today I went to China town for lunch again. Was pretty good, same place I ate with Eric months ago, strange thing my family Skypes me from Hamburg, he was sitting there. Small world, wonder how long it will be this small with jet fuel going up every day. Oil at US$119 is bound to cut down on travel.

Stephen told me that if someone calls his teenage daughter once after 10PM, that caller ID will never again work for his house. Interesting, very radical idea, wonder if I will have to resort to that kind of strong measures someday.

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