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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

AOL Web meetup

I am at the offices of AOL second floor in Beverly Hills at a groovy Web App meetup. After the pizza and drinks we went into 4 talks, the first was rather boring about a firewall that can examine the contents of the stream to figure out who is hostile and who to let in.

The second was very funny about Google App Engine, and some of the limitations that it has. Promising, but still not quite all it can be. The big tables are somewhat limited, not SQL but GQL, anyhow it is free for the time being and programmable in Python, so try it out, interesting stuff.

The 3rd talk about Frankie a very well put together presentation about a way to do Facebook apps. He showed sudo gem install frankie and that is it :) Thumbfight is an application they developed and it looks slightly like our own Frenemies.

4) Amazon EC2 easy setup, fast scaling, not long term commitment, fast, reliable, scalable... given by the Thumbfight people as well.

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