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Monday, April 7, 2008


Seems like I am billing more lately for paying projects and this blogging thing is very much a second tier activity, given that my all time income for this website is 32.7 and that I can't cash in until I have 100 I will keep doing this until a check materializes, but for all you bloggers out there, you have to love doing this in order to do it because the paycheck isn't enough to keep you motivated. Unless of course you get really good at this, I am sure that the top sites make real money. I also keep looking around the apartment for things I can get rid of. Today I found these to great lectures that Morgan bought, From Yao to Mao:5000 years of Chinese History from the Teaching Company, the idea is that you learn collage courses outside or collage, Alos have the History of Science, which I remember was really good to listen to on the way to Las Vegas.

I keep wanting to do a test with one of the top 10 alternative sites to adsense. But I guess it is something that will happen on another blog.

My blog becomes often a place for me to bookmark some of the pages I want to close in my browser, and perhaps come back to someday, meanwhile today I share with you that I saw someone talking on CBNC about TIPS and it intrigued me. They are inflation protection in that they gain value with inflation and loose it with deflation. Interesting concept. So this guy was betting on inflation.

Then I spent a few hours turning all the furniture around in the bedroom and cleaning, boy now I am tiered and my back sure hurts. But I guess that new bed fits in. Not much space here, but I thought that the way to do this would be to use air space. Almost like divide the room vertically into 2. That little mattress on the floor to be up over the bed.

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