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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Last week I scheduled a family SkypeCast, no one attended, even I was late, but today they all call me from Hamburg, really cool, unfortunately they don't have a camera, but took some pictures, that download on Skype very slowly. I was listening to the story of Bill Clinton in Kenya, a little boy who hopes to be president someday. When I get a Skype call, I answer and write back I don't have a mic, well, move the laptop to the other room plug into the base, plug a mic in of course it drops the connection because the base turns off the WiFi as it moves to a wired connection, oh well.

This morning I was dreaming, well half awake of a movie in book for with illustrations and text and the sound on the radio so that kids can learn how to read and learn how to do so with the sound on the radio. I have been hearing on 60 minutes of a kid that learned how to read with 17 months, just figured it out and started reading boxes. The parents both linguists, were delighted, but claim they didn't teach their daughter to read, that she figured it out.

Maybe this could be an application for the OLPC as well. I was also thinking that this laptop could be 2 laptops, you pay for 2 and get 1 when the child is small, then as the child grows, you ship the first laptop to the next child and give them a slightly bigger one. built in recycling. Kind of like give one get one that we already did.

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