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Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy happy joy joy

the market is finally up, big, wow what a week. Cramer is ranting about how you have to sell a big rally, so I guess time to take profits. My 5 biggest holdings: BRK CAT AAPL BIDU GE all preformed well. I feel like I am diversified too. Although 2 might be very close to each other, who cares, I have a good basis in the Schwab 1000 as well which makes a broad investment in stocks.

Was looking for a better anti-virus today, someone wanted to renew Norton in the office, nah, didn't like that idea, Peter suggested McAfee, and PCMag seems to agree as number 2, but the article is 1 year old. Didn't get much work done today however was able to take a nap :) This morning my phone wasn't working, no lines, turned out to be the STUN server for voipuser had died.

Pete Nagerian was going on about the N96 on Fast Money, hmmm... I am interested in reading more about it. But again hurried out the door for food.

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